How much for custom kitchen furniture: If we have purchased a new property or decided to renovate the current one, it is good to plan the renovation. This will allow us to avoid unnecessary stress and prepare us for most expenses. What are the costs of renovation of individual rooms? How much for custom-made kitchen furniture and whether to commission such work to a team or do it yourself? We will try to answer these questions in the following article.

Repair of apartments

Every major project should start with a plan. It is no different in the case of renovation. Let’s consider exactly which rooms need refreshing most urgently. However, if most of the rooms have been neglected for years, it is good to decide on a general renovation of the premises. By deciding to take this step, we are sure that the interior of the entire apartment will take on a new splendor after the work is completed.

Once we have decided to renovate, the next step should be to determine who should carry it out. Should you decide to carry out the renovation yourself or use a team of professionals? Both solutions have their pros and cons. When we want to carry out the renovation ourselves, we will certainly support the home budget. Hiring a renovation team requires quite a lot of money. On the other hand, we will have to devote our private time to doing all the work. In this case, a lot depends on the renovation budget we have. If you have more funds, you should still use the services of professionals. This will be a more expensive solution, but certainly more convenient from the investor’s point of view. When choosing a renovation team, make sure that the company’s employees are proven and reliable. How to do it? It is best to seek the opinion of former customers, as well as pay attention to the company’s previous experience.

How much does it all cost?

As is well known, the prices of building materials and labor go up every year. Therefore, we should not postpone the decision to renovate indefinitely. As a rule, the most expensive rooms to renovate are the kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, we will look at the costs associated with renovating these two rooms. Bathrooms and their renovation require more financial outlays, mainly due to the large number of ceramic accessories, as well as sanitary elements. The obvious costs here are toilets, sinks and bathtubs, which are the most expensive elements of equipment. The same applies to kitchen equipment.

Kitchens are now very often the focal point of the apartment. This is due to the fact that their functions are combined with those of a living room or guest room. This means that we should pay special attention to the arrangement of this place. A good solution here is to design the kitchen by a professional interior design studio. They can be found both in large commercial stores and service centers.

The cost of the service, including installation, ranges from a few to even tens of thousands of zlotys. It all depends on what materials we choose and what the final size of the room will be. Custom-made kitchen furniture can be a big expense, but it is a good investment. First of all, we have the opportunity to arrange the kitchen according to our needs from the very beginning. The overall cost of custom-made furniture depends on the size and type of material. For example, countertops made of solid wood cost four times more than countertops made of fibreboard. The same applies to cabinet fronts or housings of household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers or ovens. The cost of a small kitchen with the highest-class materials used will close here in the amount of PLN 8-10 thousand. Of course, we can opt for cheaper variants that oscillate around PLN 3-4 thousand. That is why the service of designing a kitchen as well as making furniture to size is adapted to the needs and capabilities of many customers.

Work monitoring

An important task of the person supervising the renovation is to monitor the progress of work. It will depend on us whether the work goes forward. First of all, the key issue here is the work schedule and technical drawings. They are the basic element of any well-done renovation. In the event of any shortcomings or defects found, we should notify the crew manager. It is better to make any corrections during the renovation than when it is finished. In this way, we will avoid additional chaos and mess.

On the last day of work, it is worth drawing up a repair acceptance report. This is where we will include any faults or defects resulting from the work carried out. Their removal is a condition determining payment for the service rendered. Very often, this is an effective way to enforce the correct work done by the renovation team. A well-planned renovation should, however, minimize the risk of any shortcomings, and this will allow us to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable interior for the next few years.