How to surprise guests with wedding invitations?

How to surprise guests with wedding invitations?

How to surprise guests with wedding invitations? A wedding only happens once in a lifetime (at least by design). Therefore, each of us wants everything to be perfect and buttoned up. A wedding and a wedding reception must be planned down to the smallest detail. Therefore, you should prepare everything well in advance, so that you have enough time to “finish” everything. Let’s pay special attention to wedding invitations.

Standard wedding invitations

In fact, wedding invitations are no longer just a card on which the date and place of the wedding are written. The cover rarely features a young couple like from a movie surrounded by white doves. The truth is that wedding invitations are a thing of the past. We know about it not from today. Standard invitations are a thing of the past. So we have to choose something else. The possibilities turn out to be many. Wedding planners need to know that nowadays it is very important that wedding invitations match the theme of the wedding. Through wedding invitations, we acquire the first contact with our guests.

Wedding invitations say a lot about our wedding. Therefore, we must make every effort to ensure that guests know in what style we plan to arrange our wedding and reception. At the stage of choosing a wedding invitation, we should already know in what theme we organize our wedding. So – first of all, the leitmotif, and then let’s choose the right type of wedding invitation. Let’s immediately get used to the fact that the choice is huge. This choice can even make us dizzy. When we’re prepared for it, we’ll be better able to handle it.

If not standard wedding invitations, then modern ones

Of course, in opposition to standard wedding invitations, there are modern wedding invitations. What do we mean by modern wedding invitations? In fact, there are quite a few possibilities. Some couples decide on their caricatures, and others, for example, invite in the form of a rebus. Young couples who care about modernity can go even a step further. These are wedding invitations in the form of a video recording. Wedding invitations can be recorded on a flash drive or on a CD. Certainly, guests who see such an invitation are shocked and, of course, positively surprised.

Handmade invitations

We have already talked a bit about standard invitations, as well as about modern invitations. Nowadays, many young couples also decide to make wedding invitations by hand. Hand-made invitations, as well as other elements, such as decorations, are very fashionable. So you can try to go this way. Of course, there’s a bit of a delay to that. However, the effect is unique. Surely no one else will have the same wedding invitation. By making wedding invitations by hand, each of them can be personalized.

And where to buy the right materials that we will use to make wedding materials? It would be a good idea to go straight to a paper wholesaler. There are many such places. Basically in every major city. If there is no such place in our nearest location, it is worth ordering in the online store. When we order more materials, we get much cheaper online. For more products, we can also count on free shipping. If not in stationery wholesalers, stationery shops or even flower shops will be helpful.The most important thing, however, is to have a plan in mind before buying. Then we will avoid buying a lot of unnecessary materials. This will save us some money. When we decide to make our own invitations, our guests will surely appreciate it. It’s impossible to hide.

Handing out invitations in person

In addition to the fact that you should choose the right type of invitations or decide to make them yourself, we also need to ensure that they are delivered quickly enough. Handing out last-minute orders is definitely not okay. The invitation should be given at least one month in advance. At the same time, let us remember that guests from outside our country are invited even half a year in advance. Thanks to this, we will invite everyone and we are more sure that these people will come to our wedding. It is best to hand the invitations in person, then we show respect to the guests and they feel appreciated.

Invitations can be sent by post, but it is justified if we invite guests from the other end of Poland or from outside our country. At the very end, it is worth adding that the orders should contain information about the need to confirm arrival. A specific date must be provided. Then we have order and we will control all our guests. This is extremely important. Otherwise, we ourselves will not know how many guests to book a restaurant, transport and other attractions. Logistically, this is not such an easy undertaking.