Who can manage real estate? Warsaw as a perfect place to rent premises

Who can manage real estate? Warsaw as a perfect place to rent premises

Who can manage real estate? Warsaw as a perfect place to rent premises. The Polish capital attracts new residents each year. Among them there are both students and people who visit Warsaw for business purposes. Consequently, there are huge profits generated by the rental of premises. There are more and more investors who are willing to sublet even entire buildings. Accordingly, the real estate management industry is also developing . Warsaw it is not only great opportunities, but also really big competition. So let’s keep improving your offer. As a result of similar activities, it is possible to attract more customers and thus increase your own earnings. Remember that renting an apartment is one of the most effective ways to obtain a permanent passive income. So the only thing left is to try to answer the question of who can manage real estate ?

Who can manage real estate ?

There is a specific group of people who may be involved in an activity such as property management. Warsaw – like many other metropolises in Poland – allows for quite a strong spread of wings in this business. At the beginning, it is worth establishing that the property manager is always an entrepreneur running his own business dealing with the subject related to housing issues.

A candidate for the position of an administrator must meet the requirements regulated in the Act of August 21, 1997 on real estate management. The same document also describes the responsibilities of the person holding the position. Not everyone is aware of the fact that this profession is much more demanding than it may seem.

There are some important rules to consider when considering a career in property management. Warsaw offers numerous opportunities for development and broadening your knowledge and it is worth taking advantage of this fact. The building manager is obliged to have third party liability insurance. It is necessary in the event of any damage being caused in connection with the performance of its tasks (even if committed unintentionally). A copy of the insurance document is always one of the annexes to the contract between the owner of the building and the person managing it.

Property management: Warsaw and the market situation

It is not difficult to observe that all companies dealing with matters related to the sale and rental of premises have been recording really huge profits for years. The market situation of this type of business is constantly improving, which is why new investors appear every year. Due to this fact, the real estate management industry is also developing . Warsaw and other Polish cities where you can successfully attempt to pursue a career as an entrepreneur.

However, it is worth remembering that property management in Warsaw is only a job for decisive people who are aware of the responsibility that this profession entails. Depending on who is the owner of a given building, its manager may be subordinate to the municipal authorities or private entrepreneurs.

An interesting fact is that renting apartments in large cities can function both on the basis of a long-term contract (an option intended for people who want to settle in a given city for a long time) and short-term (i.e. providing accommodation for Airbnb or Booking customers).

The main responsibilities of the manager

As it has already been said – property management in Warsaw (and other cities) is an extremely demanding job. The main responsibilities of a person in this position include:

      • properly trading real estate economic and economic assets;
      • ensuring a high level of building security;
      • taking care of matters related to the operation of the facility;
      • settling issues related to energy management, taking into account the laws concerning this issue;
      • constantly maintaining a good technical condition of the property;
      • investing in upgrading the building’s standard, if it is justified and the owner of the facility has agreed to take such measures.

As can be seen from the information presented above, a lot of matters rest with persons dealing with real estate management. Warsaw is, however, one of those places on the map of Poland where numerous training courses in this field are organized. It is an effective and interesting way to increase your competences.

Why is practicing a manager profitable?

The profession of manager has become extremely popular in recent years. This is a direct consequence of the fact that it gives great opportunities for personal development, work of this type is interesting and, above all, well paid.

Despite the high responsibility associated with performing a similar function, many people decide to pursue this profession. In the opinion of the public, this is one of the most interesting full-time jobs that can be performed without a specialist education.