How to choose a saddle to your needs?

How to choose a saddle to your needs?

Horse riding is a sport that requires expenses, especially for people who want to take it seriously. However, not only because horse riders are well aware of the importance of the saddle in communication with the horse. Properly matched, it can improve and accelerate the learning of horse riding, and also guarantees convenience and comfort while riding. for both humans and animals. Regardless of whether you are just about to start your adventure with horses, or if you are slowly starting to enter this world, you should know the basic types of saddles that can be found in any professional True Rider equestrian store. 

Their division is very simple, the classification of saddles is divided into five categories, each of which is adapted to different riding conditions and preferences. Professional employees of stores for riders will certainly help in choosing the first own saddle for the client, but own knowledge is the capital in which to invest.

Classic saddles – perfect for the beginning of an adventure with horse riding.

The most popular and widely available saddles that can be found in most rider stores. their prices are even reasonable when it comes to the cost in this sport. However, it is worth not choosing the cheapest options, and if possible, aim for medium-budget products, because they offer good quality materials from which the saddle was made, a good and comfortable seat, these elements have a large impact on practicing horse riding at a satisfactory level, even by amateurs. 

This model is a perfect saddle for the first purchase and this is confirmed by employees of stores for riders who always recommend it to beginners. It is worth remembering to sit in the saddle before buying, every good equestrian shop should provide this option on the phantom of the horse’s back for its customers. The most important element of this saddle is a good tree, i.e. the frame on which the whole structure is mounted, it is responsible for the fit and comfort of the saddle while riding. When deciding on such options, you should always pay attention to the fact that the saddle is well-balanced and ensures safety.

Jumping saddles

They are dedicated to practicing horse jumping. They allow you to manipulate the center of gravity in the saddle, additionally they have the heaviest element at the rear and allow the rider to lean forward while riding and jumping. All elements of this saddle are matched to make it as safe and comfortable as possible during jumps, and allows you to position the legs in the right way, which has a large impact on contact with the horse.

Rally saddles

These saddles offered by stores for riders are dedicated to covering long distances on a horse. Their center of gravity is evenly distributed. These types of saddles also have additional handles on which you can attach luggage. The stirrups in them have wider feet due to the possibility of better support for the foot and a more stable fixation of it.

Dressage saddles

they have a structure that forces the rider to stand upright, most often they have a small contact area with the horse’s back. Due to the rider’s standing position, the weight is centered and follows the rider’s position. It is an f type saddle for competitive riding, rather, no beginner should try to ride it, because it requires a lot of practice and keeping the body balance.

Versatile saddles

In some stores for riders you can find this model, which is a compromise between a jumping saddle and one dedicated to dressage. In many equestrian schools this saddle is included in the equipment. Despite its versatility, it may be more dedicated to dressage or jumping.

The saddle should first of all be adjusted to the skills of the rider and his preferred riding style. Additionally, before buying a saddle, you should take the dimensions of the horse’s back, because we don’t buy it only for ourselves but also for the horse. It should be remembered that not only we will spend long hours driving in it. The effects of a badly selected saddle for a horse can be disastrous because they cause pain and discomfort, as well as degeneration of bones, joints and muscles in horses. Due to such a mistake, we can easily ruin the horse’s health and discourage him from cooperating with people. this should always be taken into account because it is a living creature that feels pain in the same way.


If you have any doubts about the saddle you want to buy, do not be afraid to ask for consultation, many rider stores have qualified employees who will help you choose the right saddle and adjust it to your preferences and riding style. In horse riding, all elements are of great importance, therefore they should always be selected with due diligence and caution.