Lace dresses are continuously a very fashionable element of women’s wardrobe, they are a very charming model that is suitable both for larger events and for everyday use. Depending on the style of the dress, in which lace was used, it can be its main decorative element, as well as only a small accent that adds flavor to the whole. When putting on a lace dress, you should always remember a few rules, the application of which will make this model always look tasteful and classy.

The first rule of wearing lace dresses sounds –  less is more. The material of this type is already sexy and decorative enough. Therefore, when choosing this element, be careful when choosing jewelry for styling, because it is easy to overdo it, obtaining an unwanted effect. All accessories and outerwear in the case of lace dresses should be of a smooth structure, as well as in muted colors. When it comes to jewelry, it is best to put on classic gold or silver earrings, or a celebrity-style necklace that will not overwhelm the entire figure with its appearance.

Appropriate underwear is the key to success – although it should be an obvious matter, unfortunately many women still forget about choosing the right underwear to fit the dress. Lace dresses are usually quite tight and do not forgive any folds. However, this does not mean that fuller women are forced to give up on them. Choosing the right underwear that slims and smoothes the body will give you a captivating effect. When putting on a lace dress, it is also worth paying attention to whether any element of underwear does not stick out from under it, because the lace itself is very sexy, visible elements of underwear combined with it could give a defiant effect.

In combination with denim – lace dresses are not reserved only for big events or special occasions. Properly styled, they are also perfect for everyday wear or for a casual meeting. The combination of a flared lace denim dress, a jacket and sneakers gives the opportunity to obtain a very light and girly look, which is not reserved only for teenagers and young women.

Color Matters – Contrary to appearances, color plays a huge role when it comes to the visual perception of a lace dress. Therefore, the orders always take this aspect into account. For example, the same model of a dress in a shade of powder pink will be associated with innocence and girly charm, which makes it perfect for all kinds of family celebrations, garden parties or outings with friends, while the shade of bloody red can be badly received by people in our surroundings. Although it will be perfect for a date, it will not be suitable for the previously mentioned occasions. Therefore, with lace dresses, you should not be afraid of colors, especially those in a pastel edition, which emphasize the beauty and subtract the years. Black classic is a very universal solution that can turn out to be a perfect solution for many occasions.

Cut – just like with color, cut plays a very important role. Lace dresses with a tubular cut that hug the body will look different, and those with a built-up cut with a flared skirt will look quite different. If the dress has pencil-shaped skirts, let only the top be highlighted with lace, unfortunately the combination of this cut entirely with lace will not look good. It is worth remembering about this when deciding to buy such a dress, so that you can choose it appropriately for the occasion for which it is to be intended. The safest styles are those that do not reveal too much of the body, because the lace itself gives a sexy look to the woman who wears it. High necklines and longer sleeves are a very interesting combination with this type of material.

Shoes – shoes should be stylistically and color-matched to the cut of the dress model. Black high heels or nude ones are often a great solution for lace dresses. For less formal occasions, sneakers and even stylish sneakers that break the elegance of such an outfit are also suitable for them.

Laces can add charm, but they can also make the whole outfit look too provocative. The way a lace dress is received on a given person and how it will look depends only on the accessories and design. However, the most important thing is that it should be properly selected to the figure, which will emphasize its advantages, not shortcomings, and that the woman who wears it feels good in this type of dress. Self-confidence and personal charm makes any garment look stunning on such a person, no matter if it is a lace dress or a plain sweater and jeans.