Eco toys – how to make?

Eco toys - how to make?

All children need toys, but more and more often we care not only about the development of our children, but also about the natural environment, which is why we choose ecological toys for children. Eco toys – how to make them? Why is it worth investing in ecological toys? There are… Continue reading

Canadian houses

domy kanadyjskie

These are houses that come from Canada. They have gained considerable popularity mainly in the Scandinavian countries and in the United States. The wooden structure on which the construction of this house is based is also finished with this material. Despite the fact that the skeleton of the building is… Continue reading

What does ozonation give?

Co daje ozonowanie?

What does ozonation give? Ozonation is a natural, environmentally friendly method of disinfecting rooms. It’s a safe and quick way to remove any unwanted germs, bacteria, viruses, odors, and more. In the ozonation process, it is not harmful chemicals that are used, but ozone. Ozonation services are performed by qualified… Continue reading

What are the costs related to your company’s insurance?

Every self-respecting entrepreneur who intends to start his own business, or has had it for some time, should consider issues related to some kind of security for his company as soon as possible. Company insurance is still quite a controversial topic for many. Nevertheless, regardless of the profile of the business… Continue reading

What are the insurances for the company?

Running your own business is always risky. Its limitation is the purchase of an appropriate policy. Insurance companies offer a wide selection of insurances dedicated specifically to companies. Their diversity results from the variety of professions and businesses and the risks associated with their performance . Is it worth insuring the company? Worth it. There are… Continue reading

When is it worth renting a bus?

From time to time a delivery truck can be really useful. For some companies, or just private individuals, it does not pay off to buy a bus, because they need it for one or only a few days and it would only be a waste of money. Therefore, bus rental is very… Continue reading

Jewelry store

A jewelry store can be a cheap jewelry store or an exclusive jewelry store. We can buy jewelry for five zlotys, we can for fifty, five hundred and even fifty thousand. Plastic rings from a machine, sometimes we even get for 1 PLN, so the difference in prices is huge. When looking at… Continue reading

Advantages and disadvantages of employing workers from Ukraine

For several years, Polish employers have been struggling with the lack of employees ready to take up paid employment. Initially, it was associated with mass economic emigration of our countrymen abroad, now social policy is largely responsible for this situation. As a result, in an increasing number of companies there is a… Continue reading