How to choose a TV? The TV is still the most popular home entertainment center. Contrary to the expectations of media market experts, it has not been replaced by computers, tablets and smartphones. All TV programs and streaming services (eg Netflix, HBO GO or Player) can also be watched via the Internet, the TV set has something unique – it brings the household members together in one place while watching their favorite programs, integrates them and gives the opportunity to spend time together.  

The metamorphosis of the TV set

In the last 20 years, televisions have undergone a real metamorphosis – they have been adapted to the requirements of the modern media market. They have many new features – you can connect a console, pendrive, view photos from the phone, watch series and movies from streaming services (eg Netflix, HBO GO or Player), watch various programs in the best possible quality. In other words, the TV has become a home entertainment center.How to choose a TV?

The tremendous transformation of TV quality is more noticeable when the TV models are comparedfrom the end of the 90’s with recently produced ones. In the 90’s it was a success to receive a dozen or so programs, good quality sound and picture that “did not snow”. Televisions have undergone a significant image change – they are thin, have a simple form without unnecessary buttons. You can hang them on the wall and create a substitute for a cinema at home. When choosing a TV, the most important are technological innovations and technical parameters, because they determine the comfort of using this equipment.

What to look for when choosing a TV

The TV set still remains one of the most important devices in the home. The modern viewer, however, has more and more requirements regarding the quality of the reception of TV programs, movies and music, and a big problem when he wants to buy a TV set. The offer is so diverse that a person who is not interested in modern technology used in TV sets may have a lot of trouble choosing a TV set that will meet the expectations placed in it. Advisors in RTV stores advise you to choose a TV set taking into account such features as: color depth, luminance, contrast, viewing angle, as these are the most important parameters determining comfort when watching TV.

The most important parameters of the TV

Even 20 years ago, choosing a TV set was simple – you could buy a copy that was located in a designated place, it gave the possibility to receive satellite TV and ensured high image quality. Today, audio and video quality is still an important criterion when purchasing equipment. Only the image display technologies have changed.

Three basic image display technologies

You can often read the terms “LCD TVs”, “LED or OLED TVs”. The letter abbreviations stand for image display technology. The LCD TV set has CCFL lamps that illuminate the pixels. It is energy efficient and gives good image quality. It is the cheapest group of TV sets sold today. LED TVs are a newer version of LCD. LEDs emit light themselves and do not require additional lighting. This has a positive effect on the image quality and color intensity. TelevisionsLED is characterized by high energy efficiency. The most technologically advanced OLED televisions use organic LEDs that shine independently of each other and guarantee the highest color quality. These are very expensive TVs and therefore LCD and LED models are much more popular.

A technological curiosity – the Ambilight system

Ambilight provides an amazing viewing experience – making the viewer part of the action. This is the type of lighting available in OLED TVs, it creates a color glow behind the screen, increasing the viewing experience. The above technology is offered by only one TV manufacturer.

The highest resolution trap

There are three basic types of resolution:  HD Ready TV has a resolution of 1355 × 768 pixels – less and less common, rather in smaller models. A Full HD TV with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels is popular, which provides good picture and color quality. The Ultra HD TV has a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels, which gives a very detailed picture. Another name is: 4K TV . However, the highest resolution has its drawback – it is too modern for the currently broadcast TV signal and the picture quality is not the best. The TV is definitely the best choiceFull HD. Buying a 4K TV makes sense if you plan to watch movies in UltraHD quality (e.g. from streaming services or Blu-ray discs) or play on the console.

Television has its place in the life of modern man. It’s nice to rest after work, sit comfortably in front of the TV with a cup of your favorite tea and watch your favorite TV program or movie. Experts’ predictions that Internet TV will eliminate classic TVs from our homes have not come true . The technology of production of TV sets has developed and TV sets are being created that fulfill the dreams of customers regarding the quality of the viewed image.