Sea ​​containers: Our company has an impressive fleet of sea containers for rent. Sea containers 10, 20, 40, 45 feet of any models are available. All equipment complies with standards, which guarantees a high degree of load safety. We have affordable prices, we also offer a range of services related to modernization, repair, cleaning and delivery of equipment to the customer.

When is it necessary to rent sea containers?

Such a service as renting container space is very convenient when there is a need to temporarily store a batch of goods that is disposable and not transferred to circulation. It is also profitable when organizing storage in a warehouse for up to 6 months. The customer can rent a 20, 40 foot container unit according to his wishes, goals and financial possibilities.

If the volume of your cargo does not fit into standard models or has non-traditional dimensions, our specialists will offer containers with increased capacity. Sea containers provide reliable storage for any type of cargo. Please contact our employees to clarify issues related to delivery, loading and unloading and formalities.

What confirms the legitimacy of renting a sea container?

A sea container can be used for its intended purpose: transport of dry cargo by all types of transport (car, river, sea and rail), storage of cargo, i.e. use as a warehouse. We can also reconstruct it and create comfortable rooms for storage, organizing an office, cafe, workshop, etc. Of course, it is best to buy a used sea container for modernization.

Our clients face various situations: bring equipment to an exhibition, temporarily expand a warehouse, transport cargo to another city, organize the delivery of equipment to their branches, create a temporary workplace during renovation. Thousands of similar tasks want to be solved without significant investments. The best solution is to rent a sea container.

Types of sea containers for rent

Equipment of any size can be placed on the construction site. The most sought-after service is the rental of 20-foot sea containers. These models are suitable for storing medium-sized quantities of piece goods. The load capacity is 22 tons with a container length of 6 meters. Each model is equipped with reliable locking systems. 40-foot container rental is suitable for storing large quantities of goods. The payload indicator is about 26 tons with a length of 12 meters. It is supplied with fittings for easy positioning with a reach truck.

Advantages of renting sea containers

Renting sea containers, as well as high-quality equipment provided by our company, has a number of advantages. All models comply with international standards and are ready for operation. We provide a package of documents and, if necessary, we deliver the container to the customer’s premises. We offer favorable prices, impeccable quality of service and an individual approach to solving problems of any complexity.

Sea containers are reusable modules for the transport and storage of various goods. It is a stable construction adapted for efficient transfer from the ship to the shore and vice versa. Currently, they are used not only for sea transport. But as soon as it became clear that this is a very convenient type of container, they became a universal device. You can rent containers for various purposes: transporting goods by sea, rail or road.

Sea container functionality

A standard sea container looks very similar to a typical rail container. Its basis is a solid frame welded from angle bar and corner. The walls of the container are made of profiled thick sheet. The bottom and sides are reinforced with metal beams. This construction provides a large-size product with special strength and rigidity, which allows you to safely transport goods, as well as rent containers for warehouses. After all, the interior of the containers resembles a spacious room with a gate. Therefore, renting such a mobile module is a great way to quickly organize additional space.

Why is it convenient to rent a sea container?

When you rent a sea container, you only pay for its operation time. The rental period is unlimited: from 1 day to a year. If the container is needed for a longer period, it is worth considering such an option as purchasing a sea container. You can rent a sea container of any size, 10, 20 or 40, 45 feet. Each of our clients has the option of extending the rental period at any time. It is extremely convenient for every entrepreneur, regardless of whether he is experienced or just starting his business.

Varieties of sea containers

The main difference between sea and rail containers is the height of the structure increased to 2.59 meters. This parameter makes such products, in some cases, particularly attractive objects for use as a warehouse. It is much easier to list what cannot be stored than to list a complete list of what can be stored in sea containers. Prohibited substances include substances dangerous to human life and health and several others. A detailed list of prohibited items is necessarily included in our typical contract.

Remember! Sea container rental is the best option to quickly adapt to the inevitable constant changes in business trends. After all, not everyone can afford to have several types of containers. And a large assortment of large-size containers and favorable rental conditions provided by our company allow us to quickly solve many pressing problems at a relatively low price.

Our company has a large selection of all kinds of sea containers for rent, this also applies to models of refrigerated sea containers. The rented container can be expanded according to your own needs. We will install lighting for you, build shelves, sockets, partition walls. Our experts will choose the right option for you. All you have to do is contact us, submit your wishes, and we will send you the current commercial offer as soon as possible.