What does ozonation give? What does ozonation give? Ozonation is a natural, environmentally friendly method of disinfecting rooms. It’s a safe and quick way to remove any unwanted germs, bacteria, viruses, odors, and more. In the ozonation process, it is not harmful chemicals that are used, but ozone. Ozonation services are performed by qualified employees.

What is ozone?

It is a gas in the Earth’s atmosphere that consists of three oxygen atoms. It builds a protective ozone zone in the stratosphere and absorbs harmful solar radiation. It is especially felt in the air after the storm, it is the ozone that gives it its characteristic smell. What are the properties of ozone? First of all, this gas has a very strong bactericidal and aseptic effect. That is why it is used to disinfect rooms, cars and even water. In the context of ozone and ozonation, the question is often asked whether it is harmful to health. Ozone is toxic to humans, but only if it is inhaled in very high concentrations or over a long period of time.

The first symptoms of ozone pollution are coughing, drowsiness, headache and a scratchy throat. By commissioning the process of ozonation of the apartment to professionals,you don’t have to worry about any negative side effects. Companies providing ozonation services control its concentration at every stage. It is not possible for the ozone concentration to exceed European standards.

How does ozone work?

In the ozonation process, ozone reacts with various organic compounds. First of all, it is about compounds such as mold, bacteria, mites, fungi, etc. Ozone decomposes, releases the oxygen molecule, thus effectively and naturally cleaning the room. Why is the ozonation of rooms in Warsaw Włochy the best way to clean? Firstly, it is by far the safest and most natural form of disinfecting rooms, and secondly, ozone is more effective and faster than chlorine. Research has shown that this gas is about 50 times more effective than chlorine. In addition, it works up to 3000 times faster from it.

Ozonation process

The professional apartment ozonation service uses special ozone-generating generators. First, you need to properly prepare the room, i.e. make sure that there are no people, animals and plants there. Then, close all windows and protect any gaps or ventilation grilles. Once the room is prepared, skilled workers run the machine in a closed room for a specified period of time. How long the ozone generator will work depends, for example, on the size of the apartment.

The purpose of disinfection is also important. It can be not only disinfection, but also deodorization, ie elimination of smells such as nicotine, musty, burning, sweat or “kitchen” smells. It is worth knowing that some odors in the ozonation process can be removed in a relatively short time, e.g.the smell of cigarette smoke. What if odors are harder to eliminate? Then the ozonation process is extended. In the ozonation process, the gas reaches even hard-to-reach places, which guarantees 100% disinfection.

Employees performing the ozonation service monitor the gas concentration in the air. Controlling the concentration is also important and affects the end result. When the ozone generators stop working, the workers ventilate the room. It is especially important to control the concentration of ozone – it must reach a concentration that is harmless to humans. After proper ventilation, the room is immediately ready for use.

Ozonation of rooms price list

How much will we pay for ozonation of an apartment in Białołęka? The price for such a service depends on many factors, first of all on the cubature, i.e. the space to be ozonated. The time of ozonization is also important, as it is determined individually and depends, for example, on the compounds the client wants to clean the apartment from. In addition, the city where the ozonation service is performed is also important, as well as the types of generators used by a given company. If we are interested in ozonation of the apartment, the price in Bemowo will be determined individually after consultation with the employee. What prices can we expect? For ozonation of an apartment up to 40 sq m, we can pay about 180 to 250 PLN. For the disinfection of an apartment with an area of ​​100 sq m, we can expect a price of about PLN 650.

If we think about ozonation of rooms, the price will depend on our needs.It is worth remembering that ozonation is a natural way to disinfect not only apartments, but also any other premises. Companies offer ozonation services for catering, hotel, recreational and educational facilities. Ozonation of commercial establishments and entertainment facilities, such as cinemas and theaters, is becoming more and more popular. Ozone treatment of rooms is also used to disinfect medical facilities, where hygiene and sterility are undoubtedly the most important. In addition, companies that provide ozonation services disinfect passenger vehicles, trucks or buses.