How to spend a bachelor party? A bachelor party is a unique event. Let the meeting be full of surprising ideas and attractiveness. Order attractions for bachelor parties, such as inflatable bubbles, and play with your friends a game that will stay in your memory for a long time. There are plenty of attractions – check it out!

Bubble ball for integration events

Bubble Ball is an absolute novelty. It is a huge inflatable balloon that allows you to fall, attack other players, completely roll or tip over bales. A game of marbles can be the highlight of your bachelor party. In this game, you will beat all the other ideas and attractions that come up at a bachelor party. Do you want to surprise your future husband? Order a football foam ball to attract guests to bachelor parties. You can be sure that all participants in the game will go crazy until they hang up. You will prove that you can come up with great ideas. You don’t have to limit such thoughts to summer. Activities such as billiard balls during stag parties will be organized by priests. At any time of the year – in the summer on the court, in the winter at the gym.


Water polo is also found in unforgettable places for bachelor parties. Contrary to appearances, it is also great entertainment for adults. Therefore, when organizing the final pre-wedding party, it is worth organizing it at the swimming pool or by the lake. In the outdoor version, this entertainment will be perfect in the summer, while in the closed swimming pool it can be organized at any time of the year. Each participant of the game is surrounded by a ball with a larger diameter and will try to walk on water. However, keeping the balance is very difficult and will make you laugh. The balls can collide with each other and the people inside will not be injured.

Archery tag

What is the secret to a successful bachelor party? Of course, it’s fun and requires a lot of sport, as well as team integration and competition. Therefore, if you want to make this day special, archery signs will be perfect. It’s a combination of paintball, laser marking and archery. You and your friends can use bows and arrows to defeat opponents and score points on the shield. We guarantee a good time. It’s the perfect choice if you want to be Robin Hood’s band. No season or weather conditions are an obstacle here. Just put on comfortable sportswear and flat sneakers. You will receive our helmets and protectors. All that’s left to do is start the game.


Combination of competition and war games – this is how paintball and fastball shooting are defined. You need enough space as a battlefield. We provide a convenient location so that the bachelor party goes smoothly. Fenced areas, inflatable obstacles and a team center for survival. However, instead of a bullet hitting the head, colored balls flew. Therefore, such fun is completely safe. Your task is to eliminate the opposing team’s opponents, so you need the right tactics. Such fun makes the blood pulsate in your veins. We recommend dividing into two teams, e.g. the groom will be served by another commander and his witnesses. Who will win this conflict? It all depends on your commitment.

Jumpball – an idea for a party

Men like sports. It’s hard to disagree with that. Instead of watching your favorite sports programs on TV, it’s better to start doing them, it’s worth mentioning, but it’s definitely a different form. Therefore, jumping on the ball can be an idea for stag parties. It’s a combination of football and volleyball with a bit of acrobatics. Two teams of up to 5 face each other, not on a traditional court, but in a huge inflatable game with a springboard in the middle. When looking for interesting places for bachelor parties, it is worth betting on unforgettable experiences that will certainly remain in your memory for life. Almost 250 square meters are available. The rules of this game are very simple. You can hit the ball with any part of your body to score points. At the same time, you will be excited to jump on the trampoline for several meters. Such entertainment is completely safe and requires almost no preparation. Sportswear is enough.

Mega foosball

An interesting idea for organizing bachelor parties is a large foosball table. However, instead of spending time playing in the mechanical equipment in the bar, it is worth choosing something more original and becoming a member of the board. You and your team become people in foosball. You will be connected to a special crossbar and your operating space will not be large. This makes it difficult to get the ball into the goal. You will feel the spirit of competition, you will become more integrated, and after a hard week you will release the pressure. Another possibility is the so-called Football darts that are classic targets but with high magnification. He doesn’t throw at it, but kicks the ball. The person with the highest score wins.


Rodeo is fun for everyone. Undoubtedly, this can be the climax of the event. Each participant will ride a mechanical bull covered with soft leather. The goal is to stay on it as long as possible and tame this mechanical “beast”. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about falling, because there is a mattress around it that can cushion it. You will rejoice. You can also organize competitions and record the time of everyone who participates in the competition. In addition, this is a great opportunity to take interesting photos and videos that you can share on social networks with friends who are waiting for your relationship.