Eco toys – how to make? All children need toys, but more and more often we care not only about the development of our children, but also about the natural environment, which is why we choose ecological toys for children. Eco toys – how to make them?

Why is it worth investing in ecological toys?

There are countless reasons why you should equip your child with ecological toys, but it is worth focusing on a few of the most important ones. First of all, it is about caring for the natural environment in which we all live. Even if our child gets the best possible development support at the beginning of his life, it will not be of much help if we do not leave behind a world in which to live. The current forecasts for this are unfortunately not optimistic. We consume resources and pollute our planet much, much faster than it is able to rebuild and recover. So that our children can live a long, healthy life without worrying about the roof over their heads and access to food and drinking water, we must think ahead.To care for the future of our children, we must first of all choose the most ecological alternatives to popular toys.

The overall development of our children, contrary to appearances, will also benefit from it. If we decide to make ecological toys for children on our own or with the help of a child, instead of buying plastic alternatives, we will develop in the child not only the areas that the toy is aimed at. In addition, we will equip our child with the knowledge necessary to care for the natural environment and we will shape values ​​that will enable the survival of not only this particular person, but also the whole of humanity. We will also give you the opportunity to exercise creativity and creativity, so we will have peace of mind that our child can cope with any situation in life. In addition, such toys are simply much cheaper than ready-made ones,company accessories. We can make a house for children ourselves much cheaper than we buy a finished product, and it will be the same with many board or arcade games.

What to make ecological toys for children?

The basic principle of green living is simple – use what you already have first. In practice, it also comes down to having to think twice before throwing something away. Is it also about things that we instinctively classify as garbage? Yes, especially about these! At first glance, the yoghurt cup seems to be irresistible rubbish. However, if we look at the propositions of branded skill games for children on the Internet, it turns out that many of them are based on plastic cups. For example, it is a good idea to stack empty, washed yogurt cups into towers and other similar structures. Then we draw a line a meter or two away from the cup tower (depending on the child’s motor skills and strength) and ask him to throw the ball like this to knock as many cups as possible. Such play is a great exercise for the child’s motor coordination, it also develops great motor skills and coordination between the hand and eyes. Another way is to paint the cups with your child in different colors.

The next step will be to draw patterns on small pieces of paper that the child will have to arrange from painted mugs. After drawing the card, the child has to recreate the given pattern. Such fun is a great opportunity not only to learn colors, but also the basics of math. You can count the cups while playing. Play also exercises spatial imagination and precision. If it’s too simple, we can add a complication to it. Namely, patterned cups can be arranged with wooden sticks instead of fingers, or with just one hand.The principle of creating these types of toys is always the same. All you need to do is browse through the offers of games for children of a given age on the Internet and consider whether we have products at home from which we can recreate a given product. Sometimes it will be plastic yoghurt cups, other times newspaper clippings or cartons of purchased products.

How to make a house for children?

Houses are a very simple idea for ecological toys for children. A house for children made by ourselves will cost us absolutely nothing. It is enough for us to live in a large cardboard box in which, for example, a package has arrived, or equipment such as a TV set has been packed. If we do not expect a cardboard box to arrive in our house soon, just go to the nearest store and ask an employee for a large cardboard box. We will get such a thing without any problems and free of charge. Then we can involve the child in creating a house. We cut a hole for the door and windows, and then decorate the whole thing – we paint, hang the curtains made of tissue paper, draw a rug on a piece of paper. It is worth adding that aesthetic containers for storing toys can be made of cardboard in a similar way. It is enough to decorate them properly, for example cover them with paper, in which we received some gifts or painted in the child’s favorite color.