How to make your Facebook marketing work?

How to make your Facebook marketing work?


Many companies have already understood how extremely important it is today to have a Facebook account. We understand that this profile has to be credible, trustworthy and meticulously filled. Only such FanPage has a chance to bring us many benefits, including financial ones. Proper running and advertising of our website is able to guarantee us much greater benefits than other forms of advertising. Especially if we operate in a modern industry, running Facebook will be an extremely important issue for us, which will allow us to develop even better in our industry.

The appropriate number of fans on FanPage

Of course, acquiring fans is not everything, but remember that it is the fans of our website that will be the basis for reaching many people with your products, services or simply with your creativity. Many companies just buy fans. However, these are usually artificial accounts, and this type of Facebook marketing usually won’t work in the long run. So what is the number of fans for a solid FanPage? There is no clear answer to this question.

We will not find any mathematical formula, and observing other profiles due to many abuses does not make sense. Usually, this number should be large enough to increase the sales of our company, and also large enough to have a chance to have a snowball effect thanks to the recommendation of our brand by fans of our website to other people. The issue of the industry also has a lot to say. There are those in which the fans are usually in the tens of thousands, and there are niche industries, where sometimes even well-known brands have several hundred fans. Rather, we should focus on their quality, and not just dry numbers, because these actually say little about the condition of our activities on Facebook.

Choose an action strategy and plan

It is the lack of a strategy and plan that often means that marketing on Facebook ceases to bring us the benefits that we expected or had at the very beginning of our Facebook page. The advertising strategy should primarily include adding new posts, messages, and also set aside time for ordinary communication with Facebook users, which must be at the highest level. Let’s prepare enough content in advance, which we will then place on our website and plan a publication schedule for it. This will make it much more convenient for us to work on the next content and we will not have to create it in a hurry, thanks to which it will be much better quality. Of course, you should also take care.

Don’t waste your potential

Facebook is a huge potential, and your task is not only to use it properly, but also at a later stage of your FanPage development, not to waste it. This can be done in many ways. Above all, you must not let your users get bored. The content that appears must be interesting, well-edited and surprising, and above all, give the fans some benefit, for example in the form of knowledge from the industry in which you operate. Many companies also exaggerate the number of posts published, so many people who have added a page to their favorites quickly remove it from there, being irritated by the excess of information. Usually, also in such a situation, the information is not well prepared and chaotic. The materials appearing on the website must be reasonable and thoughtful enough, so that they do not discourage recipients from further interaction with us. Chaos will always work to our disadvantage and will make us look much worse in the eyes of recipients of our services or just fans. We should be especially careful when organizing various contests, on which Facebook is very sensitive. First of all, they must be properly organized competitions that do not break its regulations. And this one is quite complicated and you should remember to familiarize yourself with it before any competition is created by us. First of all, they must be properly organized competitions that do not break its regulations. And this one is quite complicated and you should remember to familiarize yourself with it before any competition is created by us.

To sum up, it seems that the tools that Facebook has for us are sufficient for our FanPage to bring us specific benefits. Thanks to it, our company can properly promote itself on Facebook and gain new customers, fans or increase the awareness of its brand in the eyes of new customers who do not know us yet. Of course, all of this will happen if we properly approach the subject of Facebook marketing. It seems that in many cases it will be justified to hire an appropriate agency that will deal with PR and marketing in the social network. Let’s not be afraid to act boldly and originally, but also remember the regulations of Facebook itself.