Positioning abroad – what to pay attention to?

Positioning abroad – what to pay attention to?

Positioning abroad – what to pay attention to? Nowadays positioning of websites is necessary if their owners want to reach as many users as possible.

However, despite the existence of many tools helpful in positioning, it is still a difficult, time-consuming and knowledge-intensive task, especially if the entrepreneur wants his website to also attract users located outside Poland. How to deal with this? What to look for? Some background information below.

Positioning of websites – local, nationwide, foreign

At the very beginning, before choosing a specific strategy, it is necessary to define the search engine in which we will position the website (many entrepreneurs forget that there are others apart from the Google search engine) and which country our activities will be oriented towards.

In the case of a service salon or stationary store, the best solution will be local positioning, targeted at people living in a given city. In such cases, the most important thing is that the website is well positioned on Google Maps. If, on the other hand, the company conducts mail order sales and the location is not very important, it is worth preparing for nationwide positioning, which will primarily focus on the offer, and not on the company’s location. Positioning of  abroad is enjoying increasing popularity. This is due to much better options for shipping parcels to other countries or the general flow of people. This allows for the expansion of services and the development of companies in other markets.

Positioning a website abroad is extremely difficult, because apart from the traditional tools used for positioning, you should also remember about foreign users, their culture and the way they navigate the web. However, one by one.

Searching abroad

How exactly the positioning of websites in a given country will look like depends largely on the number and popularity of various search engines. You should also analyze the statistics on searching for the phrases you are interested in and, of course, the very specificity of the market. It is worth knowing how many companies offer similar services, what their websites look like, etc. On this basis, you can draw preliminary conclusions and take first actions.

It is also worth remembering to adjust the language of the site to a given country. It is not only about the language version on the landing page, but also positioning based on phrases in a given language (this applies to both the keywords themselves and, for example, back pages). The language and market can be specified in the search console.


In the case of positioning websites abroad, you should also remember about building the link backbone properly. Add links and references on sites in your country. This is extremely important, because any mistake may result in the search engine’s algorithm determining the page, e.g. as Polish, not English, and will be displayed to users in Poland, instead of in the United Kingdom.

Of course, you should also remember that your sites should be placed on the appropriate country-specific domains. So is hosting. It is best if it is bought in the country where we want to promote our website.


Too many entrepreneurs forget that Google is not the only search engine. In Poland, it is used by the vast majority of users, but in Russia the Yandex search engine is very popular. However, the Japanese prefer to use Yahoo.

Not knowing which search engine is the most popular in a given country can end up very badly. Spending money on positioning  on Google, and not in the most popular search engine in a given country, will not bring any profit or they will be small compared to the cost of positioning. It is also worth remembering that depending on the search engine and tools to be used, the cost of positioning may vary. Be prepared for this.

Website positioning abroad – is it worth using the services of Polish companies?

We can distinguish several reasons that speak for choosing Polish companies for SEO abroad. Contrary to appearances, there are many companies on the Polish market that specialize in positioning in other countries, know the market well and are able to adapt the message to a specific group of recipients abroad.

The first important argument is the price. SEO rates in Poland are lower than in other European countries. The second reason to mention is communication. Working with a company in Poland allows for better cooperation and better definition of customer needs. The third argument is the Polish programs helping in positioning, the prices of which are not as high as in the case of foreign programs, and they bring the same effects.