The quality of the gaming computer affects the speed of the games. What equipment will give you better results?

The quality of the gaming computer affects the speed of the games. What equipment will give you better results?

The quality of the gaming computer affects the speed of the games. What equipment will give you better results? In the case of any sports discipline, the most important factor determining a player’s victory or defeat is, above all, his individual preparation and the qualities he possesses. However, it cannot be underestimated how much the equipment and equipment owned by a player or competitor have on the achievement of a result in a given sport discipline. It is no different in the case of e-sports.

Professional computer players as well as amateurs training in the comfort of my home, so that I would be able to achieve even better results in my games if they decide to use much better computer equipment. It is the computer equipment that in their case is a tool that allows them to gain an advantage over other players, as well as unwavering and trouble-free gameplay on the screen of their gaming computer.

On the one hand, it is comfort, and on the other hand, it is also possible to hide some shortcomings in the preparation by using much better equipment. The appropriate quality of computer hardware and equipment will also allow the player to learn new techniques of the game much faster and, above all, to enjoy the game itself much more.

CPU, memory and disk – better pace of the game

What primarily affects the number of displayed frames per second (FPS) are primarily the base components of our computer. This is, of course, the processor, operating memory, and for several years also a hard drive. It can be counted among the most important components that affect the rate of displaying frames on the screen. In all this puzzle, we must also not forget about the most important element for a real and experienced computer player. It’s obviously a graphics card. This piece of equipment , the gaming computer has undergone the greatest changes in recent years, which can be safely called a revolution. The number of displayed frames per second, i.e. the popular FPS, is a key parameter in games. Especially when we are talking about action games and shooters.

In the case of disks, it is worth paying attention to the fact that they are modern SSDs that work many times faster than classic HDDs. The time of the latter in the case of professional applications as well as computer games seems to be coming to an end and today many more people are opting for SSD drives.

Today, there are also many graphics cards on the market that are dedicated especially to professional players. It is a dynamic market that creates many new, even more efficient products each year, aimed at meeting the needs of the most demanding players. Of course, such cards have tremendous speed and throughput. In the case of desktop computers, additional cooling is usually applied to them due to the frequency of operation of these devices, especially during long hours of games.

Accessories – better communication and stability during the game

The computer itself is only half the battle. Full equipment of the place where the player plays allows for much better results in games. In online games with other players, tools for all kinds of interaction with players from our team play an extremely important role. Of course, we are talking about headphones with a microphone, which will be of excellent quality. Thanks to educating the noise, we will be heard much better by people from our team, and the excellent quality headphones, usually in the form of around the ears, make us hear everything in the game and perfectly isolate ourselves from the distracting environment. It is thanks to the design of the headphones, which close our ear inside them, that we will be drawn into the game world much more and nothing from the outside will distract us.

Screen – excellent visibility and quick response

A small screen is usually not enough. For computer games, you often need something that is specific to the game. In the case of games with a large map, it is good when the screen is as large as possible, but in many cases when we are talking about FPS action games, players are also willing to invest in huge screens. 15 and 17 inches is definitely not enough. The exceptions are, of course, smaller gaming laptops. However, if we only complete a stationary set, putting on a solid, large and professionally made LCD / LED monitor is the basis. In the case of such a screen, the viewing angles will be important in addition to size.

The screen must have one more very important feature. It must save our eyesight. Gamers spend many hours staring at the screen, which is why it cannot be just any quality screen. Of course, modern equipment is already coping well with the issue of saving eyesight and the times of cathode ray tubes are long behind us, but despite this, when choosing a monitor for gaming, we should also look at its health parameters, such as light intensity regulation or special coatings, including anti-reflective coatings. This type of coating prevents light from reflecting off our screen, and this, in turn, tires our eyesight much less in the long run and does not destroy it so quickly. We should not be saving on this issue either.