Work on the construction of houses

Work on the construction of houses

Work on the construction of houses. This topic for today’s article will guide us, not just from nowhere. Literally a month ago I left a construction and renovation company, I will tell you about the reasons for my departure at the end, but let’s start with how my cooperation with the aforementioned company began. Well, before the summer holidays, I started looking for a job to take advantage of my free time off studies and earn some extra money, at least for a winter ski trip. A friend quite accidentally said something like “I have a friend who builds houses, maybe you want to earn some extra money?” You could say that it hit the jackpot because I had absolutely nothing to see. It just so happens that despite the fact that I am a student, I was never afraid of any work, I worked not only at my desk, but also physically.

At first, they were all terribly disheartened about my job at a friend’s company. Of course, the argument left a lot to be desired, I heard that it is not a student’s job, that it is hard and tiring work and so on. Imagine my surprise when I was practically working alone for the first few days, of course under the watchful eye of the manager, but my job was only to cover the fence with earth about ten centimeters high. Nobody rushed me, I was able to slowly take the soil in a wheelbarrow and spread it along the fence, and in front of the so-called with a fagot to take ten centimeters and that was all my job. I worked like this for a few days, and the house was being built behind my back, when I finished the manager said that I was working quickly, or even too fast, because the investor did not expect the fence to be secured so quickly.

The construction of wooden houses was similar each time, we would come to the construction site, if there was a need to get rid of trees, bushes and the like. All the hard work was done by an excavator and other construction machines. As I do not have a typical construction education, no one entrusted me with tasks that I would not cope with, i.e. I did not recalculate dimensions from drawings etc. I spent practically the entire holiday at a friend’s company and thanks to this I got to know what building houses is, and what’s more, I did not close the door permanently, because when leaving the manager said that I am a really good worker and I can come back whenever I want and there will always be for me work.

However, is this job for everyone?

Of course not, and I’ll explain why. Let me assume in advance that construction work is not for people with any chronic diseases. This is obvious and does not require further analysis. What about typical healthy students or high school students? In my opinion, before starting such work, it is worth answering the question whether it is really for me. Go to the place where houses are being built in Szczecin and watch the builders work. If, looking at the work you do, you find that you can do it, why not? Today’s building is radically different from the one from twenty years ago and on the basis of which many modern beliefs or opinions reign.

However, if the construction industry itself seems scary to you or you feel that it is not it, then it may be worth looking for a company specializing in e.g. roofing. Roofing is the construction of roofs, of course, there are more restrictions here, because it is work at height and sometimes you have to lift something, but from my memories it appears that working on the roofs was the most pleasant. Hot days were an exception, then it was hard to withstand a hot roof without a scrap of shade.

Building houses is, of course, also finishing, here we will find both arguments for and against, I am explaining what is going on. Namely, the finishing work is cool because you work inside, indoors, in the shade, and warm in winter. These are pluses, there are also a few minuses, the biggest of which are mess, dust and often cramped space, it is worth remembering that they do not always accompany us, although quite often. We are slowly approaching the end, so let’s summarize whether working on a construction site is a good idea for young people to earn some money. Well, in my humble opinion, yes, because building houses is one of the most lucrative interests that are gaining popularity recently.

What’s more, the work is not as hard as it used to be, because a large part of the work is done by machines, and the building materials are not as heavy as they used to be? As promised, I would like to explain why I left the company, since the above article shows that building houses is a great way to earn some extra money, at least during the holidays. Well, there are several reasons, and I can reassure you right away that nothing bad has happened. The first reason was that I started my studies in a city other than my home town, from which I travel as much as 45 km, so I would not have time to work. Another reason is that I am an ambitious person, and although I support the thesis that a man must know such things and experience hard work at least once in his life, I would like to work at least like now at the computer, and in my free time I like to tinker in a garage or in a friend’s garage.