Tattoos Warsaw: a modern tattoo parlor is the best place to make an outstanding tattoo in any style. We have extensive experience in the field of artistic tattooing and creating original sketches at the client’s request. We work with the best tattoo artists, masters who, based on their knowledge, choose an individual tattoo for each and implement it in the best possible way.

Offer of a tattoo parlor in Warsaw

Today, a tattoo is a safe way of self-expression. By visiting our tattoo parlor in Warsaw , you can add new colors to your life, realize the most daring and desired sketch on your skin. We are ready for the most unexpected experiments and we love to deal with difficult, non-standard tasks.

We offer:

  • Professional sterile equipment.
  • Artists with years of experience.
  • We only work with high-quality materials.

Our tattoo parlor consists of the best tattoo artists who have specialized education and have repeatedly confirmed their professionalism. Artists regularly improve themselves by gaining new knowledge and using the acquired skills in practice. They can handle the most difficult tasks, including abstract sketches and watercolor techniques. Come in for a free consultation and tattoo design. We will answer all your questions about tattoos.

In our salon, 100% sterility of rooms and equipment is maintained, all instruments are sterilized, high-quality disposable materials are used. Cabinet equipment and tools meet all the requirements of the sanitary and epidemiological station. Therefore, the risk of infection is excluded. We have thousands of satisfied customers and a huge amount of original artistic tattoos. Visit our tattoo parlor in Warsaw to consult with qualified artists and book the appropriate procedure.

Artistic tattoo in Warsaw

We make tattoos of any size and complexity. We transfer both small black and white images and three-dimensional color options to the skin. If necessary, we conduct several sessions to minimize discomfort and use your time rationally. We are happy to undertake extraordinary work that requires a special approach. We offer a large catalog of ready-made sketches, and we also make individual images at the customer’s request. When choosing a tattoo studio in Warsaw, be guided by the professionalism of the people working here. Quality and professional workmanship are the motto of our tattoo artists. We guarantee that the pleasure of visiting us will stay with you for life!


The most painful places to get a tattoo are the ribs, feet, elbows, knees and spine. The tattoo artist spends more time tattooing the abdomen, lower back. Where does the tattoo last the longest? In places less exposed to sunlight. With active tanning, it is better to use sunscreen. How do you explain to a tattoo artist what is expected? The master can be shown examples of similar works in a particular style, but, as a rule, the artist will ask the necessary questions and give advice before creating a sketch. Should a champion have his own identity or should a champion be a generalist? Having your own style is shaped by many years of practice, as well as the artist’s personal taste for a particular style and the desire to express himself.

Where to get a tattoo?

The most amazing and catchy tattoos on the arm are common in all countries of the world. On the arm, where there is a lot of space for an intricate drawing, tattoos with detailed detail are most often found, combining realism and many fantastic elements. The stunning effect is created by large, long images with a continuation on the forearm and wrist or back.

A sleeve tattoo is always striking and cannot go unnoticed. It is applied to the hands, which is the part of the body that is always visible and therefore attracts attention. This is a great option for strong personalities who want to express themselves and emphasize their uniqueness. According to the experience of our tattoo masters in Warsaw, men more often choose the option of sketching the entire sleeve or half sleeve, and women reject such a large-scale version of the tattoo.

Over the years, people have loved different tattoos, but the sleeve has always remained a constant classic. The advantage of this option is that it allows you to use different motifs for drawings, as well as gradually fill the tattoo, complementing it with new details and elements. Conventionally, a sleeve tattoo can be classified into a specific subcategory based on size.

There are the following subcategories of tattoo sleeves:

          • When they prefer to tattoo a hand from the wrist to the shoulder, using black or colored pigments.
          • Half sleeve, when the pattern is only above or below the elbow.
          • One third of the sleeve, when, respectively, the drawing takes only one third of the arm.

If you want the tattoo to be noticeable, then the neck area is exactly the part of the body where the tattoo will look very impressive. Men are more likely to tattoo on the side of the neck. You can also do this on both sides to make symmetrical patterns look good. As for the neck tattoo for women, small drawings are more often used, these can be inscriptions, hieroglyphs, flowers or exotic ornaments, such tattoos look very interesting and original. A tattoo on the neck will always help to stand out from the crowd, demonstrate your originality.