Advantages and disadvantages of employing workers from Ukraine

Advantages and disadvantages of employing workers from Ukraine

Advantages and disadvantages of employing workers from Ukraine. For several years, Polish employers have been struggling with the lack of employees ready to take up paid employment. Initially, it was associated with mass economic emigration of our countrymen abroad, now social policy is largely responsible for this situation. As a result, in an increasing number of companies there is a shortage of not only the lowest-level employees performing manual work, but also professionals and management staff. The antidote came quite quickly with the increase in the influx of immigrants from Ukraine to our country.

As before, they began to look for gainful employment with us in order to help the impoverished family budget or to improve their standard of living. Currently, workers from Ukraine are employed in almost every city, at least one enterprise. Increasingly, not only in production positions, but also in more functional ones. The presence of employees from Ukraine among the staff is associated with both advantages and disadvantages of such a solution.

When it comes to advantages, there are several basic aspects

  • the closeness and similarity of cultures makes workers from Ukraine easily adapt to our society. The similar language makes it easier for them to learn the basic phrases necessary to perform the work.
  • lower employment costs. The state policy supports workplaces employing workers from Ukraine, which is associated with lower financial outlays related to the employment of workers.
  • lower financial requirements. Employees from Ukraine very often have much lower salary requirements than our compatriots. This is due to the fact that the zloty is a stronger currency than the Ukrainian currency, which, despite the lower rates, gives even more worthy earnings than in the home country.
  • reliability. Employees from Ukraine are most often reliable employees devoted to their work. This is due to the fact that most often they send all earned money to their family from their home country. They come to Poland only to earn money, so there is no problem for them when it comes to working overtime or on Saturdays. This is understandable because no one is waiting for them at home after work.
  • diligence, this advantage is closely related to the previous advantage. For employees from Ukraine, mobile work or frequent business trips are not a problem. For them, regardless of the region of Poland and the city in which they perform a given job, it is still work abroad, hence their involvement even in such positions.
  • Development of the economy, the more workers, the smoother the production, thanks to employees from Ukraine, enterprises can work more efficiently and produce more, and thus sell more, which again drives our economy. This proportion of money spent by employees from Ukraine in our country has a positive impact on our market.

However, despite the many advantages, hiring workers from Ukraine also has its disadvantages:

  • in most cases, at the beginning of their adventure with employing workers from Ukraine, employers must hire or find a person who can become a guardian of a group of employees of this nationality. Such a person should speak their native language and be familiar with the manner of carrying out assigned work.
  • accommodation is also one of the problems of many employees from Ukraine, I want to work in Poland while being accommodated by employers. Finding an employee hotel is a cost for the enterprise, which it usually has to bear throughout the entire period of employing employees from Ukraine. This problem results from a large wage disproportion between Poland and Ukraine, people coming to Poland to rent a flat or even a room in our country would most often have to set aside two full salaries before arriving, which is often a miracle.
  • Completing all formalities, obtaining a work permit for people from outside the territory of the Republic of Poland, and adjusting working conditions are another disadvantage that often discourages employers from employing workers from Ukraine.
  • reluctance of Polish workers towards workers from Ukraine. There is still a conviction in our country that immigrants take jobs from Poles and lower wages, hence communication and personnel problems between these two groups of employees may arise.

In general, the advantages of employing workers from Ukraine are predominant. Therefore, it is beneficial for employers to hire workers from Ukraine. However, it should be remembered that you should not generalize any concept or use these people to work beyond strength for minimum wage.

Each employee from Ukraine has his own distinct character, inclinations and skills. Therefore, one should not be discouraged after the first unpleasant incident with this group of employees, who are more and more often found on our home labor market. Employers who want to hire workers from Ukraine have the opportunity to use many employment agencies that help in completing all formalities and finding suitable candidates.