Where not to put mirrors? Mirrors are an important element in every home. They perform many functions. First of all, they allow you to browse, evaluate your style or appearance, but also have a decorative character. A beautiful, decorative frame can perfectly influence the interior design, adding style or elegance to it. Mirrors also perform the function of optically enlarging the room. On the other hand, badly selected or placed in the wrong place may reduce the interior. 

Every decorator knows how important a function they play in the decor, so he approaches them carefully. Average users are afraid of decorating their home with mirrors, so they decide on a standard solution, i.e. one mirror in the bathroom and the other in the hall. However, it is worth breaking the classic patterns and using mirrors also in other rooms. However, you have to be smart about everything, because going overboard in any direction is not advisable. There are many guides on how to decorate interiors with mirrors, so here you will find information on where not to put them and how not to do it.

Shipment inadvisable

Mirrors decorate the wall wonderfully and are now even used instead of paintings. Properly placed, they deepen and enlarge the interior, and play a functional role in the bathroom or hall. This does not mean, however, that they should be placed on every wall to get the optical enlargement of the interior. It is not worth exaggerating with their number. The function of the glass pane is to reflect light and decorative elements of the decor opposite. For this reason, its location is crucial. A sink or kitchen counter reflecting in the mirror is not a very aesthetic solution. There are bound to be items throughout the house that are worth highlighting in a mirror image. Another very common mistake is putting mirrors on.

more than two perpendicular walls of the room. Theoretically, the mirrors give the impression of magnification, but their placement on four walls does not intensify this effect, but just the opposite. Moreover, two mirrors that reflect each other do not look good. It turns out, therefore, that there is no point in oversizing. The location of the mirror also plays an important role . It is difficult to do without it in the hallway or bathroom, but there are some locations where it is better not to put them.

Mirrors reflect movement, so it is inadvisable to place them next to or in front of the desk, especially when our work requires concentration. The reflections of one’s own body observed in the glass pane can effectively reduce the level of concentration and the quality of work. However, there is no need to give up on them. Mirrors can be found in the office as well as in the children’s room, but their location should be carefully considered. A place behind your back is a great solution, as then you cannot see it while working.

Disturbed sleep

Another room where the location of the mirror is of particular importance is the bedroom. In order not to disturb the bedtime, the mirrors should not be placed in such a place that the person lying on the bed can see their own figure all the time. This results in worse sleep and the inability to calm down before it. Sometimes it’s also embarrassing. This is of particular importance in the case of couples who watch TV before bedtime. Reflective light, movement and bright colors will certainly make it difficult to fall asleep peacefully and reduce the quality of sleep. As with the office, this does not mean that it is not worth placing a mirror in the bedroom. A good place for him is the area above the bed, just behind its headboard. It does not affect the comfort of sleep in any way, but it is a perfect decoration.

Mirror opposite the front door

One of the principles of feng shui is that there must be no mirror in front of the front door. According to ancient Chinese principles of interior design, such a location of a mirror causes happiness to run away from the home. Not everyone has to believe what this rule conveys, but it is worth considering when decorating interiors. However, there are no contraindications for the mirror to be placed on the remaining walls, which is often used in hallways, especially in sliding wardrobes. Mirrors should also not be missing in the bedroom. Where to put them? It is worth being in such a place that it reflects the surface of the table. These are also rules referring to the feng shui tradition, which allows you to maintain well-being at home.

Places that are harmful to the mirrors

Mirrors are particularly vulnerable to damage. Despite attempts and modern solutions, they can still be easily broken. So there are places in the home where there is a greater risk of damage. They certainly do not belong to the dining room, where they are reasonably safe. The situation is different with the kitchen and bathroom, because they have higher air humidity than in the rest of the house. This can cause unsightly stains on its surface. To counteract this, it is worth ensuring adequate ventilation in the room, and at the same time choose a model that has properties that protect against moisture.