Cooperation with a translation agency – what do you need to know and how to choose the right office?

Cooperation with a translation agency – what do you need to know and how to choose the right office?


Cooperation with a translation agency – what do you need to know and how to choose the right office? There are even tens of thousands of translation offices in Poland. From year to year, Poland is becoming an increasingly attractive place for investments and doing business for foreign companies and investors, therefore it is not surprising that there is a growing demand for the services of professional, certified translators.

If we want to establish cooperation with one of them, we should do everything to make it as fruitful as possible and run in a good atmosphere. So how do you choose the best offer? What to consider when choosing a translation agency?

What does the Poznań translation agency do?

A translation agency sometimes specializes in translations from one language, but more often you can meet companies that translate into many different languages. This is possible thanks to the employment of a whole team of professional translators. The most popular languages ​​are English, German, French, Russian and, for some time, also Ukrainian. The office usually has a wide range of different types of translations.

Sometimes the services of professionals are sought by companies or private individuals who need to translate documents or contracts. Sometimes the purpose of translation is to translate scientific materials, which is often the most expensive service of writing agencies. Poznań Translation Agency also translates legal, scientific, sworn and technical texts. Some offices also offer interpreting services that can be the basis for organizing international events and meetings. The services of a sworn translator are necessary when taking official actions related to foreigners (e.g. signing a notarial deed, translation during a wedding, setting up a company or company). Interpreters can provide invaluable help in the case of medical and other specialist translations.

The waiting time for a translation will vary depending on how long the document is and how complex its content is. Typically, this is from a few hours to several days or weeks for books or multi-page documents. Before the collaboration begins, an estimate is made of the time needed to complete the task and a preliminary evaluation of the text length is made. Sworn translations are valid only in writing and meet the conditions specified in the Act. A translation made in this way is valid only if it bears the translator’s signature and the number of the entry in the translation index.

What to pay attention to when choosing a translation agency Poznań?

Choosing the right translation it is very important because it affects how the entire cooperation will proceed. First of all, it is the scope of services. If we have a specific need, we must first check whether the office we choose can help us meet it. It is worth paying attention to whether it is presented as one of the main or “flagship” services of the office, because otherwise there is a risk that our order will be performed by a subcontractor that is not always “certain”.

Besides, it is very important to check the office experience. We can evaluate them by checking the achievements to date, the number of completed projects, companies with which the office cooperated and references. It is the references and opinions available on the Internet that very often decide about whether we decide to cooperate with a service provider and this also applies to a translation agency. Another important factor is the quality of the translation, which, unfortunately, we can often find out only after starting cooperation. But what should we expect? Clear and faithful translation of the entire content of the texts to be translated. Professional translation agencies should offer an additional text proofreading service.

Price trap

Usually, when we are looking for the best translation agency in Poznań, we do not want to find the cheapest service provider, but on the other hand, we always pay attention to the price. This is an important factor because, for obvious reasons, no one wants to overpay, especially if the task is performed in an average manner. For this reason, it is worth treating the price as a secondary issue. A low price can sometimes mean not only a lower quality of the translation, but also a longer delivery time. Usually, professional offices offer the possibility of additional proofreading, which means that several people collaborate on the text, usually including a native speaker.

How to cooperate with a translation agency?

However, the quality of cooperation with the Poznań translation office depends to a large extent on whether we enable translators to work efficiently. First of all, we must deliver documents and content for translation on time and clearly define our purpose. Then we can expect the translation agency staff to ask us a few questions about the text and its message. We should try to answer them as quickly as possible, because the necessity to wait significantly extends the time of translation.