Surgical breast augmentation : for each of the ladies, the bust is a determinant of femininity. Every woman wants to have nice breasts that will look perfect in a swimsuit or a blouse with a large cleavage. Nevertheless, unfortunately, not every bust will meet the expectations of the “owner”. There is a solution in this case. Plastic surgery can offer us a change in the appearance of the bust or its enlargement. Currently, such treatments are more and more common. 

This is certainly due to the fashion regarding taking care of your appearance. In addition, the number of plastic surgery clinicsit is so big that ladies do not have to wait many months to improve the appearance of their breasts. In addition, such treatments are not as expensive as they used to be, which is why more and more women decide to increase their femininity advantages.

Plastic surgery within the bust is able to offer us at least several methods of its enlargement. It should be borne in mind that before performing the breast augmentation surgery, each of the ladies will undergo very detailed examinations. In addition, the plastic surgeon will conduct a detailed interview as to the patient’s health. During this type of consultation, the doctor will want to find out what the patient’s expectations are regarding the appearance and size of her future breasts.

In addition, a specialist in the field of plastic surgery he will also ask the potential patient about the medications she is taking. After a thorough medical history is collected, the doctor will examine the bust. Then he will also be able to decide if the enlargement surgery is really necessary and what size will be the most appropriate for a particular patient. After all, new breasts should look as natural as possible.

For what reasons do ladies decide to enlarge their breasts?

Most women decide to undergo plastic surgery regarding the enlargement of their breasts, because they believe that their bust is too small or does not have the right shape or firmness . In general, women who have had a baby or who breastfed are subjected to this procedure, because their breasts may have lost their original appearance. It may happen that a very young woman decides to breast augmentation, who will simply be dissatisfied with her appearance and too small breasts, which are the cause of her complexes.

Breast augmentation methods?

One of the methods of breast augmentation is the use of implants that attach to a woman’s breasts during surgery. There are several types of implants. Usually, silicone implants are used, but also often implants filled with saline. In addition, plastic surgeons also use so-called Baker expanders, i.e. an implant having a combined filling (a combination of saline and silicone). Implants can also be sorted by their surface area. We can distinguish implants with smooth surfaces, which are now considered an outdated method of filling. Nevertheless, implants with both titanium and textured surfaces are often used. Another method of breast augmentation is to increase their volume with hyaluronic acid. It is not a very invasive way, nevertheless, it is a great competition for the classically used operating method.

This procedure usually takes about 40 minutes. During its duration, incisions are made under the patient’s armpits and a cannula is inserted through which hyaluronic acid gel is administered. After using hyaluronic acid, the bust becomes firm and at the same time looks completely natural. The result can last for 18 to 30 months. To maintain the effect thus obtained, it is recommended to inject hyaluronic acid every few months.

What are the recommendations after breast augmentation?

Each of the women who undergoes breast augmentation surgery must leave the clinic in a special, flexible bra. After the operation, the woman can walk normally and go for walks, but too strenuous physical activity is not recommended. Therefore, you should give up aerobics, gym or swimming in the pool for about 6 weeks. However, it is also impossible to go to extremes and spend all days in bed. Each person after breast augmentation surgery can also take painkillers, however, following the recommendations of the attending physician. It is important to remember to wear compression underwear as a bandage for the first four weeks after the operation.

Such underwear should only be removed before washing. Usually, after breast augmentation surgery, the surgeon recommends going for a routine checkup to check the effects. If the wound heals properly, the sutures are removed. Every woman can return to full activity after about four weeks. It should be remembered that the final effect of the breast augmentation procedure will be visible after three months. Then the breasts will have their final appearance and shape.