A jewelry store can be a cheap jewelry store or an exclusive jewelry store. We can buy jewelry for five zlotys, we can for fifty, five hundred and even fifty thousand. Plastic rings from a machine, sometimes we even get for 1 PLN, so the difference in prices is huge. When looking at shopping malls, or even at Zakopiańskie Krupówki, we can find a large selection of stores with this product.

Silver jewelry store can mean many different stores, each one being different and each offering a different type of jewelry at different price points. For example, returning to the already mentioned Krupówki Street, we will find local jewelry stores there, we will find wooden and youth stores, but we will also find shops where we can buy an engagement ring, if the mountain atmosphere of Zakopane inspires us for a romantic engagement. Each of these stores differs not only in prices, but also in the appearance adapted to what they currently offer. This is important because when entering such a store, the customer can immediately guess what type of products a given jewelry store offers, and at what price. Often, he does not even have to look at the products, it is simply the interior of the store that proves it.

Importantly, the decor must match the products offered, so as not to discourage him from shopping. So if a customer is looking for jewelry at a price of a few or a dozen zlotys, and when entering the store, he sees gold painted walls, service personnel in suits and products behind glass, he will immediately think that it is expensive here. Therefore, even there is a jewelry store at low prices, he would like to take care of the aesthetics of his store and compare it to expensive stores, it is not profitable for him, because the customer can even judge the prices of products through the glass, only by the decor. Such a store may lose many customers who are not even interested in its offer, mistaking it for expensive. It works the other way around as well. If an expensive jewelry store looks like mountain huts with oscypek cheese, no one will even think that it is a jewelry store, which is expensive and exclusive. I think it could be an interesting phenomenon if such stores would exchange interior design, offering the products they had previously.

Of course, this will not happen, because they would lose a lot of customers who would not go where they want, but avoid the stores they expect. However, if they ended up in such a store, their appearance could discourage customers from visiting it again, because they would probably feel bad in it, and the products they would buy would be either not worth their price or too expensive. Even if their price would be adequate to their quality. Therefore, it is important not only what we buy and for how much, but also where we buy and who sells us. All this means that we will either gladly return to a given store, or we will never appear in it again, discouraged by the first visit to it, during which something just did not suit us. It may seem to us that it would not be so and the appearance of the store does not matter, it is only what it offers and for how much. Especially if the brand is known.

However, the truth is that when visiting a jewelry store or any other store, in addition to the product, our satisfaction with the purchase is important. It will be greater if we decide that we made the right choice and the store where we left our money was worth it. This increases the feeling of happiness with the purchase, which makes a given jewelry store or any other store we remember better, so we will be happy to return to it in the future. It says in marketing that you don’t sell a product, you sell feelings. However, whether our feelings are positive does not only depend on the quality of the products and their price, although this is of course the most important thing.

However, there is a chance that a store, for example a jewelry store, will be good for us because we bought a souvenir from a successful holiday trip, therefore, after returning from vacation, we will be looking for this store, not because of the product we bought in it, but because of the memories that this product evokes. Therefore, a store, and perhaps especially a jewelry store, and expensive jewelry at that, tries to evoke the best emotions possible when visiting it, just to make us associate it well, which will probably make us return to it. If we go back to it, we will leave our money in it, and if it makes us happy, we can be sure that we will go back there again.

People get used to certain things, but prefer to get used to the good ones. Therefore, he chooses places that are well associated with him, and these places are also shops. A jewelry store is a rather rarely visited place, so it is even more important to come back to the same. Of course, important for a specific store. So if, after shopping in a given store, we leave it satisfied, that particular store has an advantage over all others.