How to effectively store products – storage tents

How to effectively store products – storage tents


How to effectively store products – storage tents: Economic growth increases production in the industrial sector. An important element in the operation of every enterprise is the proper storage of products. There are companies on the market that provide paid storage services for all kinds of goods, however, storage tents are becoming more and more popular among business and individual customers. The popularity of this form of storing the assortment results from the convenience of the customer who can locate the warehouse tent halls in the most convenient location. In addition, the ease and speed of assembly of the structure makes it easy to move, which allows it to be called a mobile structure.

The use of tent halls

Tent storage halls are multi-use structures, characterized by a large storage space, compact and solid structure and mobility that allows easy movement of the warehouse to another location. The usable area of ​​the hall is adapted to the customer’s needs. The warehouse tent halls available on the market reflect full-size buildings, therefore they are ideal protection for large warehouses of industrial or construction products. Customers use this type of construction, among others as:

  • sports halls – designed to organize the most popular sports events in winter, i.e. tennis tournaments or football matches.
  • market halls – used when organizing fairs, press spaces, conference spaces or temporary offices.
  • spherical tents – also known as spherical tents, belong to modern and innovative proposals among the available storage tent halls.
  • warehouse halls – most often used for storing large amounts of raw materials and storing goods or finished products.
  • party halls – most often used for organizing mass events, i.e. promotional and advertising shows, company banquets or conferences.

The versatility of use and the low cost of a warehouse tent hall increases the interest of customers who prefer the economic style of managing the company’s capital. The offer of tent halls is used more and more often by schools that use the structure as school sports facilities.

Storage tent halls – characteristics

Manufacturers of mobile warehouse structures, meeting customer expectations, offer a wide range of halls for versatile use. Storage tent halls are light structures made, among others made of anodized aluminum, which is resistant to corrosion and changing weather conditions. The structural elements used are characterized by durability, thanks to which the storage tent halls meet all safety and use requirements. Customers use the halls as both year-round and seasonal warehouses. The offered halls can be equipped at the customer’s request, among others in:

  • a special surface,
  • air conditioning,
  • lighting and electrical installation,
  • sanitary room,
  • ventilation and heating.

Additional equipment makes the storage tent hall a functional large-size warehouse, the functionality of which will satisfy the most demanding customer. Storage tent halls are available in many configurations. Customers can adjust the dimensions of the hall at their own discretion in terms of its dimensions, i.e. height, width and length. The hall roof can be a single-pitched, gable or multi-pitched element. The construction material of the offered halls is aluminum or galvanized steel. Customers more often choose aluminum structures, which makes it easier to transport structural elements of the hall. Storage tent halls are available with various types of sidewall sheathing, incl. made of trapezoidal sheet, tarpaulin or sandwich panel. In addition, the customer can specify the number of gates, doors and windows.

Who are the warehouse tent halls for?

Storage tent halls are recommended to both small, medium and large enterprises as well as individual customers for all types of applications. Customers who have undeveloped, hardened ground can use the offers of companies offering ready-made halls or structures designed on an individual order, according to the customer’s order. The most important advantage of the halls is their modular structure, which makes them easy to expand. Attaching the next modules of the hall runs smoothly and quickly. The cost of building the structure is not high and takes little time. The largest warehouse tent halls are assembled for 2-3 days at most.

The available halls are an ideal solution for people who need warehouse space for storing, among others products that require constant temperature. It is influenced by the possibility of thermal insulation of the structure, which helps maintain the desired temperature regardless of the season. The storage tent hall is not equipped with pillars or columns supporting the roof sheathing, which makes it possible for the user to develop a larger usable area.