Canadian houses

domy kanadyjskie

These are houses that come from Canada. They have gained considerable popularity mainly in the Scandinavian countries and in the United States. The wooden structure on which the construction of this house is based is also finished with this material. Despite the fact that the skeleton of the building is… Continue reading

What does ozonation give?

Co daje ozonowanie?

What does ozonation give? Ozonation is a natural, environmentally friendly method of disinfecting rooms. It’s a safe and quick way to remove any unwanted germs, bacteria, viruses, odors, and more. In the ozonation process, it is not harmful chemicals that are used, but ozone. Ozonation services are performed by qualified… Continue reading

How to stand out on the competitive market of accounting offices?

At the beginning of 2014, the accounting profession was deregulated. Currently, no permissions are required to start an accounting office. As in the case of other deregulated industries, such as real estate, opinions on the appropriateness of lifting licenses are also divided in the accounting industry. On the one hand, easier access to… Continue reading

How to make your Facebook marketing work?

Jak działać, by marketing na Facebooku przynosił efekty?

Many companies have already understood how extremely important it is today to have a Facebook account. We understand that this profile has to be credible, trustworthy and meticulously filled. Only such FanPage has a chance to bring us many benefits, including financial ones. Proper running and advertising of our website is able to… Continue reading

Accounting – about itself, in a few words

Księgowość – o niej samej, w kilku słowach

    Accounting is the most important part of accounting. It consists in registering everything related to the company’s assets. It is usually a collection of all documents, i.e. invoices, settlements, contracts, investments, etc., which are all added together. Each accountant is responsible for faultless performance of his work, as it is very important… Continue reading

Interior design

Projektowanie wnętrz

Interior design is a difficult art that requires good taste, a sense of proportion, orientation in the selection of furniture and equipment available on the market. Not everyone can wield it, and the way to do that is to hire a person who specializes in interior design. If we decide to have such… Continue reading