What car parts do you need to buy for your car?

What car parts do you need to buy for your car?

What car parts do you need to buy for your car? One of the basic problems that we will face when we have decided to buy new parts is the question of choosing between original parts and their cheaper counterparts. Both the originals and the replacements have their advantages and disadvantages. So let’s take a look at which situation we should decide to buy original parts and in which we can afford to buy a replacement. Also the issue of new and used car parts many people awake at night. So how to buy, so as not to overpay and not to save on the most important parts of the car?

Basic differences between spare parts and originals

Even a dozen or so years ago, spare parts were associated rather with poor-quality fakes. There is a lot of truth in this association. Very often we could come across parts, the use of which was associated with a certain danger in the car. In fact, a lot has changed in recent years and replacements very often do not differ in quality from the original parts. There have even been created brands that specialize in creating high-quality replacements for well-known car brands. Negative associations with poor-quality replacements are a bit exaggerated today. The main difference, however, noticed by gray Kowalski when buying car partsthere will be a price of course. Usually it is still several times lower. And this is definitely an advantage and an advantage of spare parts over original parts.

When should you consider buying genuine parts?

In the event that, however, we do not trust spare car parts we are more willing to look for originals. It is the matter of habit that very often plays a key role. However, there are also situations where it is advisable to repair with original parts. In the event of a collision or accident, when our car is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the entire repair can be made using more expensive parts with the manufacturer’s logo. This type of behavior will allow us to have the continuity of the warranty, as well as the necessary entries in the service booklet. It is worth noting that such repairs should then be performed at an authorized service center of a given brand. Original parts are, of course, absolute certainty as to the fit and use of a given component, although we cannot deny these features to replacements or used parts.

Or maybe used car parts?

This solution will also find quite a lot of supporters. But is it really the best? If we have the appropriate knowledge in the field of vehicle mechanics, it may turn out that we will save quite a significant amount of money, but if we act rather in the dark, guided only by the desire to save, we may be unpleasantly surprised. It is always a good idea to choose the parts you buy according to the quality of the car and the specific item you want to buy. In the case of relatively new cars, the price difference will usually not be large enough to risk possible problems with the part, but in the case of older cars, it is often a very profitable solution from the financial point of view. And it is these people who most willingly decide to buy used parts for their vehicle.

Selection of parts for the car

As you can see, choosing the right parts for your car is quite a complicated task and it is no wonder that we often prefer to leave this choice to a friend and well-known car mechanic. However, it is definitely worth remembering a few basic rules. In the case of new cars, let’s not save on the quality of parts, especially those elements that directly affect the level of safety. This is primarily about the braking system, suspension, elements of the drive system or the engine. In their case, it will be better to pay a few zlotys for the certainty of having a solid component and road safety.

Interestingly, each of these solutions has quite a large group of fans and all these people will convince us that their approach is the best. Original parts from the car manufacturer – because they are more reliable, used parts – because you don’t always need new, cheaper replacements – because why overpay? There is, of course, a bit of truth in each of these phrases. In fact, we should first of all try to ensure that the parts meet all the necessary safety standards. What we can save a little on are primarily bodywork elements, upholstery and other elements that have a negligible impact on driving safety. In any other case, let’s look for a solution (not necessarily the most expensive) that will be optimal in terms of price and quality. Very often, such a solution turns out to be buying good-quality replacements that do not differ in quality from the original parts, and at the same time are much more reliable than the used parts. However, what parts for the car can be substitutes, and which are original, leave it to the professionals and ask our friend mechanic about such issues.