Investment in land purchase

Investment in land purchase

The abundance of portfolios among Poles makes them interested in investing in land and buildings. Therefore, in recent years, the real estate market has been constantly developing and the number of potential buyers has increased. Among them, you can also find people who are looking for land to build their own house or a recreational plot. What opportunities does the market offer?


Types of plots, i.e. types of land available on the market


The market of land for sale is considerable, as its offer includes plots: construction, industrial, recreational, habitat, as well as forest and agricultural land. Each of them differs primarily in terms of price per square meter, which also depends on the location of the plot itself. Much higher prices are observed in the northern and western parts of Poland. Lower prices are recorded in the east of the country. In addition, another difference is the proximity of large or attractive tourist towns, where it is difficult to find land, and its price is significantly higher compared to a similar  plot for sale,  already some thirty kilometers away.


Building plots are the most popular type in their field. This is due to the fact that both a single-family house and a multi-family house can be built on such a plot. In addition, a housing estate, but also commercial premises or housing facilities may be built on such land. It is worth noting that such a  plot for sale  must have access to a public road. Within it, access to the appropriate technical infrastructure should be provided.


Industrial plots, as the name suggests, are dedicated to industrial enterprises. It is there that new factories are built, with the indication that the burdensome activity cannot exceed the plot boundary. Most often, this type of land is available on the outskirts of cities or within industrialized areas, which are more and more often created by city authorities. Thanks to this, numerous industrial entities are concentrated in one place, which additionally gain many benefits.


Recreational plots are an interesting proposition, because they are often located in the vicinity of attractive places such as: a lake, a pond, a nature reserve or forests. It also happens that on such land you can build a summer house, but also a year-round house. Thanks to this, the owner of a given land gains an attractive location of the building, but also has an unlimited possibility of communing with nature. However, the information whether a given  plot for sale  has the possibility of building such a house should be verified in the competent office and confirmed in the administrative court.


In terms of construction possibilities, it is also worth considering agricultural land, the quality of which is low. Therefore, it is easiest to carry out the so-called de-agriculture of agricultural land of class IV or V. Such a solution requires a lot of patience and numerous administrative permits. Nevertheless, the time needed to complete this procedure is an important issue.


What to look for when buying a plot?


The plot for sale  is not only its type, but also many other important parameters. When searching for an ideal investment, its location, size, shape, access to utilities in its area (or the possibility of connection after obtaining the necessary permits), soil type and topography should be taken into account. This information is crucial when planning the construction.


Before starting the search for the perfect plot, it is good to start with determining the type of building and the expectations of the land in question. Such steps will significantly save your time. You can search on your own by browsing numerous Internet portals that allow you to freely define the search parameters. The method that is still in use is also browsing bulletin boards and talking to people. Another solution is to establish cooperation with a real estate agency that will find the most attractive offers on behalf of the future buyer.


Before proceeding with the purchase of a selected  plot of land for sale,  it is necessary to read the documentation and write a preliminary contract, which will give the buyer time to complete all formalities. These documents are usually held by the person selling the plot. These are: an excerpt from the land register (if the plot has a land register), a current excerpt and an excerpt from the land register.


The purchase of a property in the form of a construction plot is a considerable investment, so it will certainly also be associated with the need to obtain a mortgage from a banking institution. All this means that there are a lot of formalities waiting for the future buyer. The building plot, however, offers a lot of opportunities, mainly related to building your own home, but also as a good investment of own capital. Money invested in real estate will definitely be a good investment. The acquired land may significantly increase in value in a few years. There are less and less land that can be designated for sale.