Legal services are for everyone

Legal services are for everyone

Legal services are not very popular among Poles. On the one hand, the reason for their low popularity is the small needs of our compatriots in this regard. Yet another and more serious reason is that Poles consider legal services very expensive and therefore do not want to use them.

Everyone should use a lawyer whenever they need to

The approach to using legal services should change. Sometimes it is better to spend money on lawyers, if there is a need for it. Nobody is able to master all the rules, so it is no wonder that sometimes someone does not understand the prevailing regulations. If everyone had to read every recipe that applies to us once, they probably wouldn’t be able to do it even within a few months, let alone remember all the recipes.

Both an entrepreneur and an ordinary natural person may need to use legal services. After all, everyone is faced with different contracts, purchases and so on. You should be especially careful with contracts when there are more money and some fines at stake. In any such situation, when someone is not sure of his rights, when someone has to wonder about the meaning of the provisions in the contract, you should go to a lawyer with questions. Sometimes it is better to give up a little pleasure or expense on something unnecessary and spend this money on a lawyer, than then to have really serious financial problems.

Are legal services really that expensive?

The costs of legal advice always depend on which lawyer you go to. If this is a nationally renowned specialist in a specific law department, it is known that these services can be very expensive and cost up to several hundred zlotys per hour. However, if it is a lawyer who deals with every matter that he can get his hands on, is young and without experience, the price of his service may be even below PLN 100 net per hour. For people who really do not have money and want to reckon with the fact that the advice they receive will not always fully answer their question, they can also take advantage of free legal advice that is provided in some municipalities as part of residents.

Should each contract be consulted with a lawyer?

It all depends on what contract you are talking about. If it is a written contract, between two natural persons and concerns the sale of a low-value item, for example a bicycle, legal advice is unlikely to be needed here. Such a contract will be short and simple. It is important that all data, subject of the contract, cost are included in it, and you should only look for additional costs somewhere.

The situation is different when the subject of the contract is a car or a house. These are goods whose prices range from several dozen to several hundred thousand zlotys, so here each provision of the contract is important. Therefore, if someone in this case has any doubts as to what is in the contract, it is worth asking a lawyer whether everything has been constructed correctly.

Problems with complaints

This is a problem that affects many of us. However, most people just give up after rejecting their complaint. Shops have started to take advantage of this, and they have used really down-to-earth reasons to decline guarantees. Therefore, you should not give up and use the advice of specialists. Here, for example, a local consumer ombudsman can help, who will advise you on what to do in the event of a complaint being rejected and will be ready to represent the consumer, as well as write appropriate letters to companies. The power of such an advocate is really great, because often, as soon as a letter from the spokesman appears in the store, the decision regarding the complaint changes to a positive one.

Problems with work

Another situation where lawyers can be of great help is when you have problems with your job. Sometimes there is a dispute between the employee and the employer. It may be writing an unfavorable contract, unfounded dismissal, or on the other hand, problems with dismissing an employee and then it is also worth taking advantage of legal advice. Sometimes a solicitor can help smooth a dispute by showing you how to resolve the issue without going through the courts. Some employees are really hard to get rid of, and although they work against the company, there is no provision on them, then a lawyer can help to terminate the contract with this employee. Companies that use legal services get rid of many different problems quickly.

It is worth investing in legal advice

Legal services are not a cost but an investment as any advice you can get may then be useful in the future. It is also an investment because by using legal services you can avert a problem that would negatively affect the company’s budget. It can be an unfavorable purchase / sale contract, rental contract, employment contract, and so on. It is worth trusting lawyers because they are really well prepared for the profession.