Does a vacation in Sardinia have to be expensive?

Does a vacation in Sardinia have to be expensive?

Does a vacation in Sardinia have to be expensive? In recent years, Sunny Sardinia has become one of the most popular holiday destinations for our compatriots. Their decision is influenced by the climate, beautiful picturesque landscapes, monuments and other tourist attractions. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford a trip to this Italian island. Do you want to know how you can easily save while preparing for this year’s vacation? Then we invite you to go on – below you will find many valuable tips and practical advice!

Why Sardinia?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. In the eyes of tourists, Sardinia is an unusual and magical place that is worth visiting at least once. Before we focus on the attractions , we will briefly tell you about the geographical location of Sardinia. Well, it is a relatively small island located in the Mediterranean Sea, which, along with several sisters, belongs to Italy. This island is famous for its rocky beaches and the beautiful blue water surrounding it.

How did Sardinia win so much sympathy among visitors? In addition to the seaside resorts and sunny beaches, this Italian islet is a culturally rich place, there are many historical monuments and interesting nooks and crannies that human hand and technology have not yet destroyed, but which are a must see. Each of the individual cities located in Sardinia, from the capital of Cagliari to cities such as Sassari and Olbia.

wakacje na Sardynii


So fans of both lazy and active ways of spending free time will find something here. This place is also conducive to family holidays, seaside resorts are properly prepared for the arrival of the youngest tourists.

We must also mention the lovable inhabitants of the island and delicious Mediterranean specialties. The population living in Sardinia, as befits real Italians, is eager to help and talk to tourists. The residents are always smiling and it often happens that they spend the night under their own roof. In terms of cuisine, Sardinia combines Italy and Greece, you can eat here the best dishes in which the main ingredient is fresh seafood. In addition, there are also vegetables, bread, homemade olive oil and typical Italian pizza.

Cheap vacation on your own

Are you wondering if you can afford a trip to Sardinia? The price of buying a trip through a travel agency is between PLN 1500-1800 per person (weekly stay). This amount will vary depending on the individual price list of individual travel agencies and travel agencies. If you travel with children, they are often covered by various types of discounts and rebates.

The likely cost of a family vacation (with two children) on this Italian island will be around PLN 5,000. As you can see it is quite a lot of money, so what to do to save a bit?

The easiest way is to use the Last Minute or First Minute offer, of course, these are the options of most travel agencies that want to encourage a potential customer to buy a trip, which would be associated with much lower costs of losses. Both Last Minute and First Minute holidays have their advantages and disadvantages, the advantage is certainly the attractive price, but the downside is too long waiting time for the trip (First Minute holidays) or too short time to prepare for the trip (Last Minute holidays).

However, if you have already traveled a lot and you are not afraid of long trips abroad, a good and simple way to cheap holidays in Sardinia is to organize them yourself. You should start with determining the total amount of the budget allocated for a holiday trip and the date of the planned vacation. We advise you to take the first steps towards planning a vacation in Sardinia in the winter, then both ticket and accommodation prices will be much lower than in the high season.

Using the Internet search engine, select the destination of your stay and book a place in the hotel – the sooner you do it, the better, not only for you but also for your wallet. Read the opinions of other Polish tourists who have chosen this destination, check what interesting things are waiting for you in a given area and then choose the accommodation. Our advice – choose smaller hotels and private accommodation, located far from the center or sea resorts, then the costs will be further reduced.

When you are there, instead of dining in the most popular restaurants, go to a nearby pub or bar located outside the city. In such places, you will also have the opportunity to try the regional dishes and delicacies that Sardinians eat on a daily basis.

Holidays in Sardinia do not have to be expensive (Sardinia all inclusive ), a lot in this case really depends on your approach and commitment. Busy and overworked people who do not have too much free time often prefer to pay more and use the services of a travel agency to get over the matters related to the organization of the trip.