Crematorium for animals – what is it and why should you be interested in it?

Crematorium for animals – what is it and why should you be interested in it?

Crematorium for animals – what is it and why should you be interested in it? Animals are an integral part of everyone’s life and although not everyone likes dogs or cats, it is hard to find a person in the world who did not like a certain species of animals and would not want to have a representative in their own home. Unfortunately, there comes a time for every animal – the sad fact is that the vast majority of them live shorter than humans, and although this does not distract us from having them, finally there comes a time to say goodbye. 

While it’s hard to find a way to do it in a commendable way that would not only thank the animal for standing by our side, but also allow us and our children to cope with all the negative emotions that accompany its death, the perfect the solution may be to use services crematorium for animals . What exactly is it and what are the advantages of using it? When should we reach for them and how will it really help us? We will tell about all this in our article.

What exactly is a crematorium for animals?

A crematorium for animals performs exactly the same task as a “classic” crematorium – except that it was created exclusively for animals. You can say goodbye to your friend using two different options – individual cremation or collective cremation, but in the case of the former, we can get an urn with our pet’s ashes, for example to keep a part of it in our own apartment. It is this option that most pet owners choose.

The cremation itself can take up to 4 hours , depending on the size of the animal – we can subject it not only to cats or dogs (and, as we know perfectly well, they are also of different sizes), but also other animals – horses, snakes, parrots. rabbits or hamsters. After each cremation, we receive a confirmation of its performance and – in the case of an individual option – the animal’s ashes. These are most often transferred to a decorative urn, with the most common pattern being a pet’s paw print

The price of cremation is also related to the size of the animal , but also to the method of cremation that we choose (it is natural that the one performed collectively will be cheaper). So if we have a very small animal, whose weight does not exceed 1 kilogram, its individual cremation will oscillate around 400 zlotys. The collective one will involve an expense of PLN 130. The situation is different with larger pets – those weighing from 20 to 40 kilograms will reduce our wallet by about PLN 900. What is very important, guide dogs for blind people are most often cremated free of charge – but it all depends on the specific facility we use.

Why opt for an animal crematorium?

Even if we do not even think about burying ourselves, and even less about the death of our pet, and often the greatest animal friend, it is worth being aware of the existence of something like a crematorium for animals – especially since it is not found on every corner and not at all it is common. Crematorium:

  • allows you to say goodbye to your pet in a dignified way – a dog, cat or any other animal is often treated by us as a family member; the crematorium for animals allows this approach to be maintained even after his death and to provide him with the kind of burial that one would like a member of his own family to provide;
  • it enables us to respect the animal – the animal often accompanies us during a large part of our lives, standing by our side – thanks to the whole procedure we can thank it appropriately for it, paying respect to it;
  • it works “technically” – cremation is also a good solution for purely technical reasons – through it we can get rid of an animal’s corpse, with which we often simply do not know what to do;
  • it gives the opportunity to close a chapter in life – the loss of a beloved pet is very often a very emotional moment in our life – not to mention the life of a child who experiences it with double strength; the crematorium for animals will make it easier to come to terms with the loss and definitively close this chapter of your own life.

Knowing that there are companies that provide this type of service, we can better prepare for the death of our pet. Even if it was to take place in a dozen or so years.


Although the crematorium for animals in Poland is something definitely new, unusual and certainly niche, it is not a new idea in Europe and in the world. It has been around for many years and is actually getting more and more interest – and while the reason for this interest is not the most cheerful, it proves that the service really works in helping people say goodbye to their own pet. Whatever animal it may be. Remember, however, that there are very few establishments offering an unusual service, such as cremation of animals, in Poland – therefore they are very often crowded and it is really difficult to arrange a convenient date for us.