Agricultural harvesters – which ones to choose?

Agricultural harvesters – which ones to choose?


Agricultural harvesters – which ones to choose? The beginning of summer vacation is usually not a good time to buy a used combine harvester. It is worth making such purchases before July – later there are much less offers, and the rush caused by a sudden need to buy means that you can buy a disappointing product . However, there are also farmers who decided to leave their purchases until the last minute.

Combine harvesters – why you need to buy early?

Buying an agricultural combine harvester a few weeks before the harvest begins is a very risky move. It is at the turn of May and June that the most farmers who want to stock up on used machines appear in stores. It is a very convenient situation for traders, because the pressure and stress of farmers related to the necessity to purchase a “new” combine harvester means that they do not pay attention to the prices of the equipment. Therefore, farmers often buy used harvesters, the quality and technical condition of which leaves much to be desired. However, there would be much more to gain if the purchase were made several months in advance. It happens that the decision to buy a new combine harvester is driven by the desire to become independent from the existing service provider or to replace the device with a more efficient and failure-free one. For many farmers, their own combine harvester enables them to harvest efficiently. Does this happen in all cases?

It is not worth the rush

Often times, buying a used combine just before the harvest begins will stretch them over time. This is because, as a rule, the devices used are characterized by a much higher failure rate. It is worth bearing in mind that devices that are sold at very favorable prices are usually worn out and their technical condition is not perfect. While they may appear operational at the time of presentation, they are mostly only briefly checked. It is because sellers want the device to pass the commissioning test, to be thoroughly cleaned and painted in the areas of defects. After all, the presence of rust is not an indicator of efficiency and reliability.

However, many customers are fooled, and the real parameters of the combine harvester purchased at a promotional price are only known during the technical inspection. Or in the middle of the season, when it suddenly stops working properly due to the heat and maximum load. Removing multiple individual faults is often quite a costly process, frustrating and loss-making. No farmer cares about it, especially in the harvest season.

Agricultural harvesters – which ones to choose?

How to avoid the disappointment of buying the wrong combine harvester? If you want to minimize this risk, you should decide to buy a suitable copy. In this context, it is worth not to succumb to the charm of the latest model and not be limited only to the favorable price. The agricultural equipment market is somewhat similar to the automotive market. Especially in the context of used ones, it is worth not looking for bargains when buying.

Before making a decision, pay attention to the market price of the machine in question. If it is significantly lower than in comparable models from the same production years, it most likely has a hidden defect or a few. This is often very high mileage. Quite often, however, it is difficult to expect that the seller will present us with the actual list of the hour meter. It is changed very often due to the simplicity of this operation. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to models that are slightly older, but have similar parameters. It will usually be a safer investment than choosing a younger, but much more worn-out machine.

Another aspect that should be paid close attention to when buying a combine harvester is the availability of assistance. We mean both the price of individual spare parts and the possibility of efficient use of service assistance. It is worth knowing that the newer the combine, the greater the risk that a possible defect cannot be removed on your own. The situation is different in the case of older models, which can often be repaired by an experienced and skilled farmer. On the other hand, the latest technologies are a significant convenience and increase the level of work comfort. Of course, they also have a price. The omnipresent electronics present in modern combine harvesters, however, has its dark side – it usually makes it impossible to carry out diagnostics and repairs without specialized equipment, e.g. a diagnostic computer.

Own harvester or rent?

If you find yourself in a no-win situation, you can also consider renting a combine harvester. Prices are usually very affordable, and this decision will save you a lot of money. Although buying your own combine harvester at an attractive price may seem like a much better solution, it is worth bearing in mind the previously mentioned aspects. For this reason, we recommend that you start looking for machines at least several months before the start of the harvest. Thanks to this, the farmer can be sure that his purchase will be well thought out and as much as possible adapted to his needs.