Lawyer support in corporate legal problems

Lawyer support in corporate legal problems


Lawyer support in corporate legal problems: Legal offices provide services in various branches of law, lawyers specializing in a given field provide comprehensive support to both natural and legal persons. Clients are provided with services in the following areas: civil and arbitration disputes, labor law, corporate law, settlement of cases in the field of family law, land law, inheritance, housing law, legal expertise, etc.

Lawyer assistance in complex legal problems

  • Comprehensive and one-off legal services for organizations and entrepreneurs
  • Provision of qualified assistance in criminal and administrative matters
  • Resolving disputes with insurance, leasing and credit organizations
  •  Corporate problem solving
  • Real estate disputes (rent, ownership, share allocation)
  • Handling commercial transactions
  • Representation in state, municipal, arbitration and many other bodies.

A lawyer is an indispensable support in enforcing labor law

An advocate consults not only employees, but also employers, and in both cases ensures maximum legal protection of their interests . Lawyers have extensive experience in representing the interests of employers in solving all problems related to labor law.

They offer employers the following employment law services:

  • Consultation on dismissals, staff reductions, salaries, training, work discipline
  • Developing effective models for protecting employers from possible risks, including the risk of disclosure of confidential information by employees
  • Consultations on concluding and terminating employment contracts
  •  Preparation and development of employment contracts and agreements, including contracts with members of management bodies
  • Preparation of draft legal acts of enterprises, including job descriptions, internal labor regulations, provisions on the procedure and conditions for concluding, extending and renegotiating contracts with employees
  • Preparation of orders and documents regulating the liability accounting procedure and the employee incentive procedure
  • Consultation and representation of clients’ interests during inspections of authorities on the legality of employment relationships with employees.

Real estate and construction is another area of ​​the lawyer’s activity

The advocate provides legal services to many construction projects carried out by construction companies. Offers the following legal services in the field of real estate:

  • Consulting in the field of construction design, preparation of necessary documents and contracts
  • Legal support for clients’ activities in the organization and conduct of the construction process, including the design of construction sites, coordination and approval of project documentation
  • Advising on the application of standards and technical legal acts
  • Advice on investment and construction projects
  • Legal expertise in real estate transactions
  • Legal service of the registration process of property rights to real estate
  • Legal services for the sale, lease and allocation of part of the real estate.

The advocate cooperates with entrepreneurs in the field of corporate law

The attorney-at-law cooperates with companies of various scales and areas. Offers the following corporate law services:

  • Advice on registration, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities of all legal forms conducting business
  • Advice on the creation of holding companies, including the selection of a management model for this business entity
  • Support for the purchase and sale of corporate securities
  • Corporate dispute resolution
  • Preparation and creation of local corporate documents and contracts.

The attorney also offers entrepreneurs banking and financial services:

  • Advice on project financing and purchase of shares and assets
  • Preparation of loan agreements for transactions in order to obtain financing on the local market
  • Legal support for the establishment and operation of banks
  • Negotiations with transaction participants and regulatory authorities in order to obtain financing on the domestic market as well as from abroad
  • Consulting in the field of financial and banking transactions
  • Advice on potential risks in financial transactions.

At the client’s request, the advocate will provide a legal expertise

Legal expertise is a comprehensive legal analysis of the company that is the subject of the investment, its status and market position. Such verification is most often carried out when purchasing a company, large merger (acquisition) with another company and signing a contract for significant amounts.

The advocate conducts legal expertise in the following aspects:

  • Verification of the company’s articles of association and the composition of shareholders (participants)
  • Analysis of decisions of company bodies and powers of attorney
  • Analysis of the performance of contractual obligations
  • Analysis of labor relations and property relations
  • Forecasting the effects of capital injection in an investment facility.

As a result, the client receives a comprehensive opinion that allows him to make an informed decision about investing in the company. An attorney can also provide legal assistance with a business purchase transaction.